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Well i also hesitated between the Km 5D & Nikon D50 & Canon 350D....having tried all 3 i dropped the Canon ...didn`t like the position of the shutter button...camera was to small for my big fingers...allthough it was much much better with the BG-E3 battery pack.

The KM 5D did have a good build body...a little heavier which is better in fact allthough againi didn`t like the command dial which was right in front of the shutter button...rememberi havebig fingers.The Sony issue also troubled me a bit and what really got me to choose the Nikon D50 was the fact that it is much easier to find optional lenses and other accessaries both new and second hand.The camera was also just perfect in my hand ...big fingers or not every buttons were just in the right place...again the proof that Nikon have such a great experience in making very good and practical easy to use cameras.

I didn`t find image quality being an issue because all 3 produce very good A4 print quality(maybe the Canon being slightly better?).

I bought the Nikon D50 body for 485 euro and got a fantastic 50mm 1.8 lens for 98 euro.I will be purchasing soon the 18-200mm VR for the price of 675 euro.

Ok the KM 5D is cheaper but i believe that the 18-200mm from Nikon is much better then the one from KM....the price difference between both makes is about 200 euro(KM body :491..18-200mm:461).....for such a small difference i didn`t hesitate to choose the Nikon.

Don`t forget that if and i`m pretty sure it will happen ,the day i want to sell my D50,i will have no problem doing so and for a very reasonable price....maybe for a D200 ? ......

I did ask around in secondhand shops and believe me they were really not interested in buying KM material but they had huge stocks of Canon and Nikon .Olympus is also one of those makes which has a bit of the same problem.

Anyway this is only one point of view....the KM 5D is very very good too.....but think and consider my remarks..they are not that rediculous or are they ?

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Thanks for the thoughts. I'm currently trying to make the same decision, though I've ruled out the 350D due to the "feel" and the price.
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I disregarded the Canon for the exact same reasons. the price and the feel of the camera (the hand grip was too small).

I've toyed with the nikon vs KM idea as well and for the many reasons, I've decided on the Nikon as it has a better kit lens, faster 2,5fps, longer battery life, very low noise (1600iso), faster shot-to-shot speed (according to reviews), and photo quality almost as good as the D70. However, image quality does not compare with the 350D.

If you discount the anti shake, the 5D is not regarded to be in the same class as Nikon and Canon.

The price of the Nikon is also dropping to GBP430. The cheapest of the bunch!

I've not seen a review where all three has been put through their paces against each other.......if someone out there knows of one......I'd be glad to add it to my reading material

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I've seen a couple of tests putting the Nikon against the Canon - and even though the Canon has the more megapixels they always seem to come out for the Nikon - plus the Nikon is cheaper by far.
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In image quality the Canon 350D isslightly superior but if you stick to maximum A4 prints then it will be hard to notice the difference.

Considering the difference in price the Nikon is the better deal.

What really made me decide was the handling of the D50...it`s just so perfect..everything is at the right spot and the shutter button is exactly where it shoud be.....
I`ve never heard anyone complain about the ergonomy of the Nikon on the other hand it is the most criticised subject on the Canon.

Can you imagine i bought my Nikon 300 euro cheaper then the Canon..no the extra cost isn`t worth it.
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