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Faeanne Nov 24, 2004 7:47 PM

Hi! I'm looking to upgrade to a new camera from my first basic oneand would like your opinions. I currently have a Samsung Digimax 200- just a simple click-n-shoot 2 mp camera. I can get a Kodak DX4530 with the dock for $198. Having learned far more about dc's I know a little more of what I'm looking for and I want to make sure I get something I'm going to be happy with for a few years. I don't want to be sucked in just because I find a camera at a great price and have regrets later. I've read a bunch of reviews- but I'm still unsure if this would be a good camera for me. Here's my specifics:
  • I mostly print cropped 4x6's, but occasionally up to 8x10's- I know I want to upgrade to 3/4 mp's- would 5 be overkill or would it be good since I like to crop a lot?[/*]
  • I need something that's quick- I have 3 young boys (youngest just 1 yr) that are in constant motion and I've missed a lot of good pics b/c my current dc takes forever to start & from pic to pic.[/*]
  • I want something that's easy to use- some of the dc's I've looked at scare me. (That's why I'm attracted to the Kodak EasyShare's.) But on that same note- I don't want to limit myself either.[/*]
  • I would love something with a little zoom- quite frustrated with taking worthless pics at zoos because the animals are too far away.[/*]
  • I can't afford some of the higher end dc's I've fallen in love with- I'm looking to spend about $200-250, possibly could save up $300 for the right dc.
Based on all that- do you think the DX4530 would satisfy my needs for a few years? Is this a good deal that shouldn't be passed up? If not- what would you reccommend in it's place? I really appreciate any & all advice and help. Thanks a bunch!

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