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Harold77 Feb 19, 2006 7:34 PM

Just want to know which one is the best? Please help me, I don't want to go wrong with my choiceneitherlose my savings

mtclimber Feb 20, 2006 10:47 AM


Both cameras have received excellent reviews, and you could not go wrong with either, but they are decidedly different cameras.

Casio Z120: small, operates on two AA sized bateries, MPEG-4 video clips, 3X Optical zoom, 7.2mp, metal clad body.

Kodak Z740: considerably larger in size, operates on 2 AA sized batteries, much less video clip capabilty, 10X optical zoom, 5mp, plastic body.

Can you please tell us a bit more about how you will be using your camera and what kind of photos you desire to take. For example, if you were very interested in nature photography, and loved taking photos of wild birds, the Kodak Z740 would be the clear choice with its very sharp, 10X optical zoom lens.

If you wanted a true pocket camera, that could easily slip into a pocket, for general photography with friends, or when traveling, then the Casio Z120 would be the clear choice.


Champion05 Feb 20, 2006 10:17 PM

Hi, I am not famliar with the Casio, but The Kodak Easy SHare cameras have the ability to buy lenses to add for more growth.

Again, I guess it will depend on what purpose you will be using your camera for.:-)

Harold77 Feb 23, 2006 7:45 PM

Hello!! Thanks for your help. Well, I think that I'll be using the camera for general photography with friends, or when traveling and, as mtclimber said, the Casio would be the clear choice, real doubts are based on this specific things: the Casio, with its antishake it so good as they say? And, its 8.2 mb....are they enough to travel without worries? On the other hand....the Kodak with its amazing zoom, there are always moments when we'd like to have a zoom like this. And....32mb....that's quite I going to miss the antishake system if I go for this one instead the Casio? Is there a really big difference with the functions of each camera, aside from the zoom and memory? Thank you very much for your help.

kassandro Feb 24, 2006 2:24 AM

No, the Casio anti shake is a swindel. It simply chooses a high iso with enormous noise. Also the flash of the Z120 is whimpy. Otherwise the camera is quite good and a great value, especially if you look at the newly announced entry models from Canon, Casio, Nikon and others, which all use the cheap 1/2.5" 6 MP CCD, while the z120 uses the much better 1/1.8" 7 MP CCD.

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