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Im looking at the kodak high zoom cameras

I found the Z740, DX7590 and the Z7590

All cameras seem to have the same specifications- 5 MP, 10x optical zoom

Im under the impression that the Z7950 is basically the same camera as the DX7950.

The Z740 looks the best to me.

Does anyone know which is the best/newest camera.

There all the same price by the way
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None are IS equipped. I may be wrong, butI believe that the Z7590 is the latest of the group.

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Those models are all at least 2 years old.

The Z7590 was a minor upgrade to the DX7590, the only difference being a newer dock (with some Kodak image printing feature I think).

The Z740 and Z7590 are similar, but a few key differences.

Z740 - AA batteries (or CR-V3), MPEG4 movies, AF assist lamp, 1.8" LCD
Z7590 - Li rechargeable battery, Quicktime movies, Flash hotshoe, 2.2" LCD

The more up to date models are the Z710 and Z712IS. The Z710 is a very similar design to the Z740, but with 7MP, and a 2" LCD. In addition to the newer sensor, it likely also has better image processing. And it looks like it may be near the same price.

I don't think the Z712 is available yet, but it looks like it adds a longer zoom, IS, Li-ion battery, and a 2.5" LCD for about $100 more.

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The Z712 is an upgrade to the Z612 which is still available. The Z712 expects to ship by 30 APR. Both have 12x zooms (35mm-420mm equiv.) and IS. The principal difference seems to be the image sensor, 7MP vs. 6MP and the the availability of two stops higher ISOs (3200 vs 800). The batteries and other accessories appear to be the same.

My $.02, don't get a long zoom without IS. I have a Z612 and it does work as advertised.
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ac.smith is right.

I missed the Z612, which looks like the best choice right now for the price.


Also the only one of those on Steve's list of the best superzooms:

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Old Apr 7, 2007, 12:13 AM   #6
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Z612, great camera, great pictures, great price. Can't go wrong there.
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