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massena Jul 3, 2006 10:01 PM

I still have not been able to make up my mind between Canon S3IS, Panasonic FZ7 and Kodak Z612 but now I notice that Kodak offers the P712 which sounds even better. No doubt it will be a few more months before it hits Australia but I would appreciate any views on it from owners or knowledgeable people. Perhaps it will not be worth the wait? Naturally, Kodak gives it a good report but I would also like some independent views. I am sure some of you will have looked at this one and maybe even bought it. I anxiously await some replies.

Clashman Jul 4, 2006 1:15 AM

I don't think the P712 is available yet. Even the z612 is just starting to get reviews out right now. Personally, I'm also looking at both of these anxiously, but also a bit hesitantly, as Kodak's of the past have had somewhat sub-par image quality compared to Canon and Panasonic.

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