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I Am May 13, 2006 6:29 AM

Basically, I am unsure which one to choose.

I want a small camera that I can carry about with me.
I want to be able to take pictures (using flash) relatively quickly.
I would like the flash to be better than that on the Casio s-100.
I want a camera with a good battery life (can last at least 6hrs of use, including turning off and on)

From the reviews I have been reading I have narrowed my choice of camera to the v550 and L50.
I haven't found any reviews of the L50 anywhere. I am impressed with what I have read about the v550.

My budget is £130, but can be stretched to the price of the v550 (£150)

I had previously owned a Casio S100.
I was very impressed with the camera. The only complaints I had was the relatively long time it took to take pics (with flash). Also the flash wasn't the greatest in low light.
I was very very very pleased with the battery life.

Any sugguestions?

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