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DJMic Mar 1, 2006 1:10 AM

Is there any other camera on the market that has the Anti-shake and features like the 5D?

kassandro Mar 1, 2006 1:54 AM

There are, of course, now lots of P&S cameras with optical image stabilisation. Also Canon and Nikon have very expensive image stabilised lenses for their DSLR systems. Very recently Leica announced such lenses also for the 4/3 system of Olympus and Panasonic. The Konica Minolta system moves the CCD instead of the lense to compensate shake. This is an enormous advantage for DSLRs, because all lenses get image stabilised. As a consequence the prices for old used quality Minolta lenses are climbing higher and higher - an understandable, but nevertheless remarkable phenomenon. Because lots of KM 5Ds and KM 7Ds were dumped for very low prices on the german market recently, we have a real lense shortage here. The Konica Minolta anti shake system seems to be well protected by patents. Ricoh uses a similar system in their R3, but perhaps they have licensed it from Konica Minolta.

DJMic Mar 1, 2006 1:59 AM

Why were they dumped on the market for cheap?

kassandro Mar 1, 2006 2:20 AM

Konica Minolta is leaving the camera business and dealers simply no more want to keep Konica Minolta inventory. The DSLR business of Konica Minolta will be taken over by Sony and Sony will release new DSLRs for Konica Minolta lenses and with Konica Minolta's very advantageous anti shake system. They may use this system even for their P&S cameras to avoid license payments for optical image stabilisation.

DJMic Mar 1, 2006 2:21 AM

So do you think the Sony R1 is a better buy the the KM 5D?

kassandro Mar 1, 2006 2:39 AM

No, I don't think so. Because the R1 has a more advanced sensor, it has the portential for better image quality, but only if there is no camera shake. With the KM 5D/7D you simply don't have to worry about shutter speed to avoid pictures getting blurred by shake. I bought the KM 7D with the 18-70 mm kit lense for considerably less than I would have payed for the Sony R1. Both cameras are big cameras, thus there is no weight advantage for the R1 either. The R1 has a very useful flip out display which is clearly an advantage, but you are stuck with one lense, a very powerful lense though.

Homer J. Mar 2, 2006 6:07 PM

DJMic wrote:

So do you think the Sony R1 is a better buy the the KM 5D?
The sony R1 is not as good as the DSLR's it is priced with. The EVF is not as godd as a OVF foundin SLR's.

It also has a smaller sensor than the ones in most DSLR's (other than olympus's 4/3 sensor DSLR's) and has 10 MP's crammed into it. This will result in noise at higher ISO's. The sensor in the 5D will outperform the one in the R1.

The LCD in the R1 is also in an awkward place,which makes thethe swivel useless for much more than protecting the screen.

kassandro Mar 3, 2006 3:22 AM

I agree that the flip out displays of Canon and Nikon are better. The Sony R1 is definitely inferior when you hold the camera over your head. Nevertheless it is quite useful. Also - as far as I know - the Sony sensor has the usual APS-C size of most DSLRs.
Clearly the OVF of a DSLR shows more detail than any EVF, but even the best OVFs show only 95% of the image, while EVFs show almost 100%. Thus you can frame an image more precisely. This is especially important for wide angle. You simply can exploit a wide angle lense better with an EVF.

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