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Vamex Feb 6, 2006 12:56 PM

I need some help in deciding which camera I shall buy. I am an amature photographer. Have been working with 35 mm film SLR camera's before and with Canon Powershot G2. Now would like to buy a so called "prosumer" digital SLR of good quality. I saw that Konika Minolta Maxxum 7 D and Cannon EOS 20D are among the best cameras in this category according to you reviews. But I am nos till sure which one is best for me. To be honest I do not often print large format pictures and therefore not quite sure if going for 8 mega pixels on the expense of Konika's antishake function is the right thing for me to do. On the other hand, not knowing how this antishake function performs, I am not convienced if this features is more important than 8 mega pixels. Except for antishake function which camera is a better performer? When you make A4 format prints will you notice difference between 8 and 6 mega pixels? Is the difference huge when printing on A3 format. Please help to choose between these two cameras.

[email protected] Feb 6, 2006 5:43 PM

Most photographers on this forum would agree it's the photographer, not the camera, that is going to make the most difference in the final result.

Having said that, you've selected two camera models that would be considered "enthusiast" or what I'd call serious amateur to semi-pro camera models.

Both are excellent cameras, and certainly one could talk about the 6 megs versus 8 megs, antishake versus no antishake.

However, given your level of expertise, you might want to consider purchasing an entry level DSLR and leave yourself some room to buy extra lens.

Take a look at the Minolta 5D or the Rebel XT in comparison. You'll be saving yourself quite a bit of cash looking at those camera bodies. Both cameras will be a serious jumpin comparison to what you're currently using.

If you do decide to go the extra dough, I've noticed that B&H photo has a pretty good deal on a Canon 20D and a Canon 17-85 IS lens for $1250 US dollars, which is an outstanding buy.

I won't speak to the 7D, as I'm not currently aware of the deals going on.

If you can pick up and handle a few cameras, you might get a better idea of how you feel about the camera.

Personally, I love my 20D and the love affair has intensified in the 1+ years of ownership, which I can rarely say about anything else I've ever purchased.

So there you have it, one photog's opinion. -- Terry

Vamex Feb 6, 2006 5:54 PM

Thanks a lot.

Hards80 Feb 6, 2006 7:06 PM

my thoughts are in agreement with Terry.

check out the rebel xt and the minolta 5d. save yourself some money and get a nice lens. i have used the rebel xt alot and image quality wise, its very very close to my 20d. the 5d i have onlybriefly used, but i was impressed, the anti-shake in body is very nice.

like terry for the past year i have grown to love my 20d more and more with each use. the controls are outstanding, and the build is 2nd to none in this class.


Rambler358 Feb 6, 2006 8:53 PM

First I've got to say that these are both excellent cameras, and I went through the same decision processdeciding between these2 cameras. Based on initial specs alone I was ready to go with the 20D, but I really wanted to get a "feel" for each of these, so I went to my local shop that had both in stock and would let me "play" around with them.

After trying out each for a good period of time, it was the KM 7D's ergonomics that won it over for me. But you need to decide this for yourself. Good luck with your decision, and I'm sure you'll be quite happy with either one. :|

Homer J. Feb 6, 2006 9:19 PM

Both cameras are great. BecauseI like canon,I would go with the 20D. But there is many KM users who would go with the 7D. You should go take a trip to your local camera store andsee how both feel before buy one of them.

But remember,chances are in 3 months both these cameras will be discountinued.

Hards80 Feb 6, 2006 9:25 PM

the thing is, even IF, and i am guessing more like fall for replacement, these cameras are discontinued they are still superb photographic tools that will do more than you could ever ask of them.

kassandro Feb 7, 2006 7:37 AM

I'll probably pick up a KM 5D or 7D in the summer, when these models are replaced by Sony branded models. For me the paramount reason to buy a DSLR is low light performance and in that respect the KM 5D/7D with its very effective image stabiliser on top of a good iso 1600/3200 mode has clearly an edge over all the Canon models. Although the price of the EOS 350D (called Rebel XT across the ocean) has come down recently, the KM cameras have also a clear advantage as far as the price is concerned. In all other aspects the EOS 350D seems to be ahead, but for me low light performance and the better price is decisive.

[email protected] Feb 7, 2006 11:02 AM


Many digicamshave ISO1600 or ISO3200 settings, but not all of them perform well at those settings.

It would be well worth your time to review images from each cam at ISO3200 and see if they are comparable.

Ultimately it's the quality of the sensor your buying and how it performs atdifferent ISO's, and image stabilization is icing on the cake.

-- Terry

RP33 Feb 7, 2006 2:55 PM

I too am looking into the 20 D.

For indoor sports will the kit lens work for a while or will I be disapointed?

I shoot a lot of basketball and will my 383 flash work on it?


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