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Default Leaning towards the 60D over D7000

I want a dslr that can shoot 1080p video and at least 5fps.

After a lot of research from online reviews, it seems the 60D is better because:

-It's three hundred dollars less.
-Slightly slower fps but D7000 buffer fills up in raw after a couple seconds so 60D is actually faster for long bursts
-No 60D autofocus for video but the D7000 is noisy and constantly hunts
-both are very good for high iso settings
-they both overexpose in bright light but the Nikon is worse from reviews

I like the Nikon name so I guess I'm looking for anyone out there that can offer reasons to go for it over the Canon.

Thanks in advance.
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Well you name the buffer issue.

There is allot of HD controls that the 60D has, like incamera edit, and the nice audio features for HD. The swivel LED work great for hd, makes for easier Tripod operation. Canon does lead the dslr market in HD deployment. You will want to shoot MF if you get heavy into HD, but if you want AF for video, a camcorder is still the better tool.

AF was tested, and the 60D has a faster AF speed vs the d7000, as they both hav 9 cross type AF point. So while the nikon points out they have more AF points, the ones you will need for moving actions are cross types. And the canon AF algorithm are more accurate and speeder.

I would ignore the sensor test form dxo. As that is all RAW. And depending on the workflow used, canon or nikon could be better. DXO show nikon was better, but popular photography used the default raw programs each brand included, and they show the canon was better. I still believe the nikon is less noisy, but complete doubt that the difference is of any concern in reality.

metal body of the nikon is not really as big as some may say, as only 2 plates of the 4 plates are metal, the other 2 are plastic.

I have a 60D, and did get to play around with the d7000. They are very very equal cameras. If you are not shooting HD or need a long burst. Then it would really be hard to pick a better tool for regular shooting. If you need the action shooting or HD, the canon is the better tool in that department with the faster AF, bigger buffer more HD options.
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Do read steves review on this site for both cameras.
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Hi have you tried either camera if you haven't then this may make up your mind.
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May I suggest Sony A580 or A55. Both r worth considering alongside the Canon and Nikon.
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What do you want to shoot?

(... besides video, that is.)
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