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Anybody please add comments to this list I made up for myself

I now own a Dx6490 for a year and i am at the end of its capabilitys I love the camera for it's lens,external flash and ergonomics but the overcompressing jpeg,badfocus in lowlight and lack of manual focus is frustrating enough to want be to upgrade

I am looking for a good overall camera wich has manual control,excellent image quality for printing up tp 20 x 30 cms,high isoor external flash (for me the biggset question),

I am thinking the p850 has alot going for itself and also think that if I go for a cheaper 5mp model insteas of a 8mpI can upgrade in the nearby feature easilyer than when to go for expensiver 8mp model wich only benefit in more cropping wich you don't have to if you already got a 1o or 12x tele.

On the other hand there is the s5600 aka s5200 with the high iso, wich will stop subject movement blur as wel as camera shake. Could this be an alternative for the P850 with a bigbutt external flash mounted allowing iso50 shots

Or maybe the A200 wich can be bought for 120 euro's more and has a 8mp sensor but a limited zoom but with a hi res viewfinder and tilting rotating lcdpanel

Hope to get a discussion going on to everybody's benefit

Anyone that have comments on the cons and pro's that are worth adding or altering would be welkom and i will edit them in the list and ofcource if I missed a cam worth adding to the list let me know.

Brand typ megapix35 eqi.s isoRaw lowest price
sony r110 24-120 no 503200raw € 830,00
Fuji s9500 9 28-300 no 801600raw € 589,00
panaFz30 8 35-420 yes 80400raw € 595,00
Kodak p880 8 24-140 yes 50800raw € 545,00
Konica A200 8 28-200yes 50800raw € 520,00
canon pro1 8 28-200no 50400raw € 568,00
Samsung pro8158 28-525no 50400raw € 745,00

Fuji s5600 5 38380no 501600raw € 348,00
Kodak p8505 36432y50800 raw€ 398,00
sony h15 36432 y 64400 € 387,00
canon s25 36432y 50400 € 449,00
pro con
sonyr1 high iso cap price lacks tele
Fujis9500 high iso cap image soft
panasoniFz30 hq lens noise in image
Kodakp880 hq lens wide 24 hi-res evfonly 5.7xtele
KonicaA200 cheapest 8mpwith i.s only 7xtele
canonpro1 no real pro's only 7xtele
Samsungpro815big lens no high iso or i.s.

Fujis5600 high iso low price no ext flash slow lens(tele)
Kodakp850 ext flash hq lens hi-res evf low light focus ?
sonyh1 low light focusno ext flash
canons2 low light focusno ext flash

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I see that this post has been viewed alot, no comments anybody?
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It's very useful to compare features the way you have in your chart. I recently bought a new camera and several of the models on your list were also on my list. But ultimately it comes down to your needs, preferences and priorities, because these evaluations are subjective.

Although I would have liked IS, I bought a camera without it (Oly 8080), because I was impressed with the image quality and features. If there's no IS you can still use a tripod or try higher ISO with some cams. But if the image quality is less than great and there's no RAW/TIFF, your photo options are limited. That helped me rule out the Canon S2, for example.

Other, less obvious factors caused me to rule out the A200, which was high on my list. I read a number of complaints (several forums) about KM tech support and poor quality customer service, long waits to get the camera repaired, etc. Also, I like taking macro shots and there are some moire issues with that camera. But in general, I still think you can get great quality shots with the A200.

Also I relied a lot on Steve's reviews and Jeff Keller's reviews. Another thing that was helpful for me was to handle and take shots with as many of the cameras as I could. That was really important when assessing ergonomics and build quality.

BTW, here's a non-pro review of the 815 that you may find interesting: http://www.suse.de/~sh/samsung-pro815/
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