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Hi, folks.I've been comparing ultrazooms a lot lately, and here's what I found:The Panasonic FZ5 is the camera which gives the best picture quality, though is shoots in jpg only. Then comes the Fujifilm S5600/S5200, but this has only 10x zoom. In third comes Sony DSC-H2, qhich produces smooth looking pictures, though its noise reduction algorism takes away some fine detail. Then comes the Canon S2is, with the same quality as the Sony, but it looses more fine detail than the Sony's. At last comes the Kodak P850, mainly due to its weak image processor, which gives too much compressed jpg's, and looses a lot of fine detail. And Kodak's used Schneider lenses generates somewhat soft corners, more than the other cameras.In the matter of lens quality, the Leica comes first, followed by the Fujinon, then the Carl Zeiss/Canon and finally the Schneider. But because I could only compare JPGs, I could not mesure the full potential and quality of the Schneider. That could only done by comparing the same picture but in RAW. In the end I think Zeiss, Canon and Schneider lenses er much the same in quality.I made this comparison by open the picture of a house, in Imaging Resource, from which camera, and comparing them in Photoshop, at 100% size.If I was to choose one of these fine cameras - and I will - I'd probably get te FZ5 . But I really like to compare FZ5's jpg quality against p850 Raw-to-JPG quality. If the latter is very the first - or better - than there's no boubt I would get the Kodak.So, does anyone has done similar comparisosn or can say if the p850's Raw-to-jpg picture quality beats the Panasonic's camera?
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I agree with most of what you say about those pictures. But you should also be careful about judging just from one group of samples. If you are looking at the outdoor shots, some are taken on different days and in different lighting (or even a different time of year). And some of the pitcture quality differences are small. When it's close you might be best with the camera that feels best in your hand, for example. Also, while I mostly agree with your judgment about picture quality, you might have a very different list if comparing shots indoors or at night. Also, some have better flashes than others, so you might have a different list if comparing indoor shots with and without flash.

That said, I do think that the Panisonics in general, right now are the leader in image quality in daylight shots outdoors. I've seen this in a number of recent Panisonic models. They are sharper than others. Part of it I think is that they have the best camera stabilization system. I think they also may use a bit more agressive in camera sharpening; but I don't see alot of artifacts there, just good clean images with alot of detail.

If you are researching cameras, you might find this link helpful, it's a site that compares all of the review sites and summarizes findings for all of them:


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Thanks for that link. I am in the same boat. I am trying to decide which super-zoom to buy.
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Yes, it is a good link. However, it does not factor in size and convenience which also play into the decision (at least mine)as well. I finally settled on the Kodak Z-612 which had everything I wanted and does a great job. It is small and light, which were important factors to me. Here is a sample photo.

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