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Default Looking for alternative to a broken Samsung digimax L85 camera. SLR &/or compact

Hi there

I have a Samsung Digimax L85, which is the second one of two I've owned since July 2006. It goes everywhere with me, as I never know when I'll spot something of interest I wish to photograph. Recently the lens started to get stuck when switching on. I had to partly force it out but once out, it would zoom in and out without any problems. That was until I dropped it on the floor last Friday. Now the focus no longer works correctly. I don't think the camera is worth repairing, so can anyone suggest an alternative?

The Samsung camera had advantages and disadvantages and not surprisingly I am after a camera which has all of the advantages and preferably none of the disadvantages.

The advantages were:
1. Sharp photos - it had a Schneider lens;
2. Manual option;
3. Remote control, purchased separately [very handy for taking and appearing in group photos];
4. Great battery life, although I have three batteries to use, two of them purchased later on, the original is still last just as well as the others;
5. I could still take it to gigs, as it wasn't an SLR.

The disadvantages were:
1. It gained 6-7 seconds day in time so within 10 days was 60-70 ahead in time. Hence many hours spent adjusting the EXIF time as I didn't always have a chance to reset the time in advance of taking photos, especially if away walking the countryside. Of course this was an undocumented software feature, so it was some months before I noticed the problem;
2. It only went up to ISO400 so struggled to take photos in darker situations, such as gigs;
3. When ever I zoomed in or out when videoing, the sound would cut out.

I've read that newer Samsung cameras are no longer as good. The issue mostly putting me off buying another is the 6-7 seconds gain a day in time. I would like a SLR but they are not allowed into gigs. An alternative might be two cameras, one compact camera I can take everywhere and one SLR to use now and again. However I'd want a reasonable one even for concerts. I compared some photos I took with my brothers Fuji Finepix F-40d and the L85, from a gig he played and the picture quality was superior from the L85. The only reason I didn't tell my brother to buy an L85 was because of the time gain issue.

Are there any good but reasonably priced SLR cameras, were add ons could be purchased over time? And any compact cameras similar to the Samsung l85, which are cheapish?

Thank you for reading. Kind regards

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