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Swedson Jul 22, 2007 12:50 PM

Bought a Samsung s1000 yesterday. As it is using AA size batteries, it consumes a lot of power and not so fast performance. Picture quality is not bad. We want to return that camera and buy another one. Looking a for a Canon... Which one is good? SD800is/or Powershot A550 ? Or any other SD series? How about this Image Stabilizing in Canon? is it worth to pay more? What she wants clear sharp pictures. At the same time, the camera should look good as the pictures! So, please help me out. Whole day I was sitting and reading about Compact digicams. As I am happy with my DSLR, I never bothered to keep track on compact ones.

1eyedeer Jul 26, 2007 4:22 PM

Canon seems to rule the roost with compacts, but it is worth looking at the Casio slim S770. It looks great, has a host of scene modes, and gives good pictures together with a lot of customisation of settings (but no aperture or shutter priority). My wife loves her Casio EX-S500 (an older model), and I still use a Casio P600 for casual shots. All the photos from the two Casios, my Sony H5 and Nikon D40 are stored with the same viewer, and the differences in image qualityare marginal for outdoor shots in good light. My wife's pictures are more creative and have better compositions though!

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