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Hi everyone, this is my first post, and after browsing the forums a little it seems like everyone is nice and helpful, so hopefully you can give me a little help or at least some opinions. Sorry ahead of time if this gets long!

First, I have to say that I always like to do a lot of research before I make big/important purchases... I've been reading all sorts of things and the more info the better, so anyone that replies to this- don't hold back write as much as you want- I will read everything and it will be appreciated a lot!!! Thanks!

In the most basic terms, what I'm looking for is some small enough to fit in pants pocket (even if tightly), that has great image quality, and fully featured with manual controls that will allow me to use it for almost any situation, from family photos to artistic creativity to macro shots.

Some of the specific things I'm looking for are:*
- 6 MP or higher
- 4x Optical or higher
- Aperture Priority/Shutter Priority Options
- Image Stabilization would be a plus *
- up to ISO 800*
- Actual optical viewfinder in addition to the typical LCD

*I know I have to be realistic, so I can compromise with some things if need be
* To be honest, I don't really know if image stabilization makes a difference until you get past 6x zoom, if read from some that it makes no difference, but then some have said that with Canon, it does make a difference even at 3x...?
* Does having the ability to go up to ISO800 make it so much better?
* I've read so much positive feedback about Canon, I'm pretty sure I want to go with that, but if you feel very strongly about something else, I'd be happy to listen...

What I've been looking at so far is the Powershot A700, SD700, and A620. I like the A700 a lot becuase of its 6x optical zoom and Aperture/Shutter P modes, but it doesn't have image stabilization... I like the SD700 because it is one of the smallest, and still has great features, but it has 4x zoom and no A/S P modes. I like the A620 because a TON of people love this camera and say great things about it, and it has 7.1 MP compared to the others 6, 4x zoom, but I believe it is an older model (relatively speaking), and I believe it lacks ISO800.

Now, to wrap things up, I will say that I am very much so a beginner- but I really do want advanced features so that when I am learning I will have to ability to move on to more advanced options with the camera, not to mention I would like to have this camera for a long time. But I am not a beginner to the art world, so I would also like the manual features to experiment with things and such, not to mention I love nature!

Ok, Ok now that I have gone on and on forever, I will close, and say thanks for any feedback about anything, especially your opinions, experieces, and answers. Thanks!

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I really like the A620 and it would be better for you if your going to get into photography more. You might also think of the G6....you can buy some accessories that will translate over to the dslr when your ready.
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bluesky95, even if you want 4x or higher zoom, I will strongly recommend to you the new Fujifilm F30 that sport a 3x zoom. But on top of that you have ISO3200 and, from judging with my experience with the F10, usability for the F30 with up to ISO1600, which is an impossible task for any other point and shoot camera out there at this moment (except, ofcourse, for other Fujis). The F30 also has manual settings sowhen you eventuallyget over that auto mode you can experiment with them. If you want a compact, then go get the F30. You'll be thankful you did when you realise just what having far less noisier camera really means to your photographic results. Don't be fooled by image stabilization and other stuff like that that many competitors throw at you. Just check out reviews of the F10 (little brother of the F30) and what it can do and think that the F30 will only improve on that. As it stands right now, in point and shoot, Fujis can't be touched. At least, that is what I strongly believe.

Here's a good review for you to read of the F10: http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/fujifilmf10zoom/

and another of the F30: http://www.dcresource.com/reviews/fu...ew/index.shtml

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There have been some excellent suggestions made in this thread, but to properly "fit" the camera to your needs, perhaps we have to ask a few more questions.

The Canon A-620 or G-6 suggestions (made by kalel)are excellent if you are not going to be taking many low level lighting situations, because both are limitedin their maximum ISO setting.

The Fuji F-10/F-30 suggestions (made by Zygh) are excellent if you can tolerate a bit less zoom on the proviso that you are going to gain greatly with much higher available ISO settings. However, those higher ISO settings are only valuable when taking low light level situations.

A couple of other cameras to look at might be the Casio Z-850 or the Z-1000.

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