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Miggle Jul 15, 2006 11:03 PM


I'm looking for a digicam /w really good movie recording capability. Right now i'm checking out the Canon S2 (S3 doesn't seem to have much over the S2, S2 is $100 cheaper where I live).

Then there's sony's H1.

I'm also considering pocket cameras since S2 is still a bit too big and I wouldn't want to bring it when i'm recording gigs. Audio quality is also an important factor to me. A700 looks interesting in this category, but i'm not too sure if its audio capability is good.

Will be using for drum playing recordings once in a while. Dont really have the option of going videocam coz its too expensive for me.

Thanks :)

Sintares Jul 15, 2006 11:56 PM

The S3 (S2) has the gold standard in movie recording, stereo, zoom capable (at least the S3 is , not sure about the S2) , but you are limited to 1gb per recording, less than 9mins at top quality.

The H1 has mono recording, can't zoom and themovie iscompressed more so 1gb can take about 12minutes, if you have a larger card then there is no 1gb barrier , shoottill the card is full.

The H2 and H5 can zoombut are still mono, its also been noticed that zooming and the refocusing that that means is less smooth than on the Canons, also the zoom is noisier and more likely to be heard.

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