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Its time I upgrade my cameras. I currently have a Sony DSC-P32 digital camera. Its not anything real special. I think wife and I bought it at Walmart a few years back for around $200+. Anyway, it takes nice pictures I would say. But I am not even close to a photographer. I just take regular snap shots of the family, etc.

We also have a video camera from about 6-7 years ago. Its not digital and takes small tapes. We have a huge collection of small videos from our son, etc but dont know how to put on computer to make dvd.

wife and I are expecting kid #2 in about 2 months, first son is playing tball, started kindegarden, etc etc and just think its time to get a good camera.

I dont really know if this even exists, but what Im WANTING is a digital video camera AND digital still camera built in one. My Sony DC will take small video clips, but it is FAR from a video camera. It does record sound, but the picture quality is not video camera quality. I think the camera itself is a 3mp camera.

In a magazine add I saw this Samsung DuoCam and is supposidly a video/still camera. So Im curious if this is any good, and if not if there are better ones out there?


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I just finished another reply to a similar question in this forum. Basically, I think the difficulty is that camera manufacturers cannot afford to manufacture one product that will satisfy the demands of both videographers and photographers. We all want lots of features and we want them at prices we can afford to pay. I know there are some hybrid products available, but I can't tell you what they are like. I suspect that, generally, they will tend to be either good still-cameras with so-so video capabilities (like the one you already own) or good video cameras with so-so still-picture capabilities. Keep checking sites like Steve's (the reviews on this site are very helpful), DP Review and others. Maybe someone is successfully breaking down the barrier and putting out a good hybrid. I just don't know about it yet.
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If you want a digital still camers that makes a more than acceptable job of videothen Canon Powershot S2 IS is worth checking out - it's video capabiity is enhanced by the ability to zoom while shooting video,there is stereo sound and image stabilsing. I've had one for a couple of months and so far very pleased in all departments. However at highest quality it will only cope with relatively short video capture, 8 mins fills a 1 gig card, so it's OK if you are shooting short pieces close tohome and can download to your PC but it's not going to be much use on a weeks holiday unless you have a laptop with you.

Previous reply really says it all. You will have to accept a compromise one way or the other with most of todays offerings. The Duocam is an interesting solution, it's effectively 2 cameras in one body, with a lens each. The real question here is the price point as it may be better to buy separates and avoid any compromises.
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You could check out the Hybrids forum--there are some interesting 4 and 5 megapixel cameras that also take MPEG4 video, allowing you to fit 45 minutes of high quality (640 x 480, 30 fps) video on a 1 Gig card (there's a review for the Sanyo Xacti C5 on this site--have a look). The technology gets better every day, but as LadyHawkVA said, it still might not be the exact combination of what you want. I guess if there was one product that was perfect for everybody, it'd be all they'd sell?
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