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Default Looking for Digital P&S Suggestions

Hi everyone! I'm new to posting, but have been lurking the last couple of weeks.

I'm in the market for a new digital camera. I'd consider myself a novice, with some interest in becoming more knowledgeable about photography. I took classes in high school and enjoyed it, but never really went anywhere with it.

At this point in my life, 90% of the photos I take are of my 19 month old daughter... primarily indoor during the winter and quite a few outdoor and indoor this time of year. The rest of my photos would be of all sorts of things, wildlife that resides in the wetlands area behind my home and other family activities. Any parent knows, these little ones move quickly and my current cheapy Kodak Easy Share that is nearing 5 years old just isn't capturing the picture I want to capture. Between the time I press the button and the camera takes the picture, my daughter has turned her head or moving toward the camera.

My Kodak has been decent but I'd really like to get better quality photos and be able to zoom in on her or other things. I'd love to be standing on the other side of the yard and take pictures of her when she doesn't know I'm doing it. Real candid shots.

I've been looking at the Nikon P90 and I love the quality and zoom but am worried maybe I'm getting myself into too much of a camera. Would it be silly for me to invest in this camera when I'm no more then a novice in picture taking. I do have a desire to learn more about the workings of camera though.

Anyway, I'm looking for any suggestions. It's been so long since I've even shopped for a camera that I don't know what to look for really! Also, I'm a little partial to Nikon as my mom has owned many and I'm always impressed with them. She has a P80 right now and took the picture you see in my avatar. Seriously, though suggestions are welcome no matter the brand!

I need a camera to quickly capture the smile on my little girl's face or to catch her playing off by herself without her realizing it.

Sorry, this got rambly.... hope there are some suggestions out there!

Thank you!
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Default P90

I am not the expert, but I do have a P90 I bought recently and love it. I got it for the zoom which is really awesome. I have owned a few Coolpix cameras and this one is pretty easy to use. I can not imagine it would be to hard to be comfortable with it. It has auto mode which can get you going.
There is a good discussion thread in the Nikon camera forum. Not the Nikon DSLR forum
It would give some room to learn as well.
My 2 Bits
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Thank you Bob! I did post over there in the P90 thread. I think I'm going to take the plunge and get the P90. The more I think about it, I think I will regret it if I don't get it.
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Hi Lissa,

Since you are currently a Kodak user and is thinking of going for the Nikon P90, I would suggest that you also take a look of Kodak Z980. Body-wise, the Z980 is nearly identical to the P90. It has the 24X zoom, Kodak color and the Kodak menu system which you are familiar with.

I believe the Kodak is now doing a 20% discount on their web-site. Someone mentioned that he bought a Z980 for $320 with free shipping.

Good luck!
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Consider the Canon SX10 with the articulating (vari-angle) LCD. It will let you be looking away from your child, and use the LCD at an angle that lets you point the camera at the child. It helps to make them think you are not trying to photograph them.

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You may also want to consider the Panasonics that have got excellent reviews and are far easier to have on you at all times than one of the superzooms. The Pana TZ7 has it all (I think it is called something else in the USA - S3 ?):

10 megapixels
25mm wideangle to 300mm telephot0 (thanks to x12 zoom)
Superb 460k dot 3.0" LCD
Intelligent Auto - including face recognition (program in your daughter's face)
HD motion images with 1280 x 720-pixel resolution while zooming in and out (MPEG-4/H.264 - this is the better one) movie recording with sound.
OIS - optical image stabilisation
Panorama assist - helps you to create overlapping panoramic images.

Great camera and it's got rave reviews !
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I have been very pleased with my little Ricoh R7. It has a good zoom, long battery and one other thing that I am ashamed to say I did realise until recently- and I have had the camera for years!

Look for a point and shoot that can display the rule of third grid. It really does help you to compose a good image.


oops! Doh! Sorry you have already taken a class in photography ......

Maybe I need to take one in reading before posting!

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