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maxim730 Aug 28, 2010 2:24 PM

Looking to downgrade from XSI to Powershot ???
Hi all,
I bought a XSI couple of years ago (based on mostly positive feedback from friends saying that my pics with my SD790 were amazing). I've had great success with XSI (learning curve was high) but the camera + lens + bag is starting to be very bulky and has caused issues with luggage and travel. i've travelled over 100K miles in the last couple of years and it's quite a challenge stuffing my camera bag (about 2 shoe boxes stacked on top of each) in my luggage

I still want to take a camera around - I'm looking for something more compact from Canon. I've read reviews on the Powershot series and i'm not sure which one to get. So far the only camera I like is the SX 20 IS, simply because of the range factor. Cost is not an issue - I'm sure I can recoup from selling the XSI and using the proceeds to buy another camera

I'm also looking for a Canon Family Tree chart similar to this one creted by DCS - (this is pretty cool and simplifies the family of cameras by Canon). I'm still confused by all the different brands under Powershot.

Thanks for your feedback.

shoturtle Aug 28, 2010 4:39 PM

if you factor out low light performance the sx20 is not a bad camera form canon. But right now I think canon will be announce some new models. As Photokina is just around the corner.

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