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I am looking to buy a new digital camera, i have brought 2 in the past and they all sucked at action shots well anything that slighty moved and it came out blurry. but i want one thats gonna take clear action shots. most of the photos i take are of horses and motocross races. so i need something that has a really fast shutter speed. I want to keep it under 500bucks too. any suggestions? thanks :?

i found this one is it any good?

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The H50 is a very nice camera. However, action photography is VERY demanding of equipment. Here are the 2 major issues with action photography:

1. Can the camera give you fast enough shutter speeds to freeze motion.

2. Can the camera actually lock focus on a moving subject AND TRACK IT. That last part is the most difficult.

Now, I've seen some low light shots from the h50 but the closest thing to action is stage performance - something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT than what you want to shoot. Much more demanding from a focus tracking perspective. So, while the H50 is a very very good digicam I can't speak to how well it will do tracking moving subjects. Virtually every digicam on the market fails in that category - it's one of the most challenging things for a camera to do.

As to the first point. The first thing you have to realize is no camera will get you great results for sports in the automatic modes. You're going to have to venture out of 'sports mode' into Aperture priority, shutter priority and manual exposure. I would suggest looking at a number of ISO 1600 action shots from that camera - you're probably going to be shooting a lot in the 400-1600 ISO range for stop action. For the motocross you should be doing some panning so you won't need as fast shutter speeds. still, make sure you're happy with what the ISO 800 and 1600 results are - and DONT look at macro shots and close up head shots of people. Those aren't the types of shots you'll be shooting. You'll be shooting at distance so you won't have all that nice detail to work with. And, this all assumes good lighting. If the horse work is indoors forget it. In bad lighting you're just not going to be able to get good action shots without some rather pricey equipment.

Sadly, you won't do any better with any other digicam - and you'd be looking at probably $1000 or more in DSLR equipment to get half-way decent results - about $1500 to start getting really good results (assuming good lights).
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kinda figure that would be the case. thanks for the information =) its a start at finding a decent one
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What are the cameras that you have had so far? Can you post any of the shots you have taken that show blurriness? If possible, leave the EXIF information on the pictures.
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