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I am a newbie to the digital world so thank you in advance for your patience and advice. I would like a point and shoot camera that I can basically put on "automatic" and get good quality pictures. I'm a mom who will be taking mostly indoor photos of my very active toddler, I am hoping for a good digital camera that is easy to use. Some of the cameras that I am looking at are the Kodak z730, Kodak z740, and the Canon a610. Which one would be best for me, or do you have suggestions for others? I would like to stay around the $300 range. Thank you.
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I made a similar purchasing decision recently and my first priority was shutter lag combined with low-light focusing (capturing a moving toddler indoors).

On that basis I eliminated the Cannon A610 because it was justa tad too slow for my liking. I decided on a Sony-W5 because it has very low shutter lag and have been happy with it so far. But I didn't seriously consider the other two models you mention (not because of any failing on their part, but there are only so many cameras you can deal with at one time) so can't comment on them.
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I would go with the Canon A610 for many reasons. For one the sensor is bigger, the max shutter time is better, you have a better flip/twist LCD, better noise reduction algorithms and better movie capabilities.
All in all, there's few cameras in the price range that can match that, if any.
Good luck!
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With a toddler. You'll LOVE the flip lcd.. it's worth any bit of other features.. PRICELESS
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Certainly the Canon A-610/A-620 twins would do a a great job for you and if you needed more zoom, take a look at the Canon S-2.

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Actually, I think that it is more likely that more wide angle would be needed for toddler shots.

I don't have any suggestions but I am sure that others would be able to suggest a P&S digital camera in the same class as these with a bit more wide angle. Anyone?
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If you want wide angle + tilt swivel LCD the choice is very limited and expensive. My Nikon CP 8400 and the hard to get Oly C-7070 are the only ones with a reasonable size that I know of. If you don't need wide angle, then the A610 would be my recommendation.
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I own a Kodak Z730 which I bought about a month ago. It takes nice clear, crisp pictures and is fairly light. It's not ultra small, but very totable (I also own a Fuji S5200 which is a better camera with a long zoom but bigger--I keep the Kodak with me more but am glad I have the Fuji). The z730 is a camera you can grow with. It's quite easy to operate on automatic and has a nice grip. It has many scene modes which are easy to access and manual controls when you want to exand your creativity. It takes a long time between pictures when you use flash, especially if you are using the LCD which is 2.2 inches. Even without flash it is a long time. It is faster with the evf. It's flash is limited in strength and distance and sometimes pictures can be strangely underexposed with the flash. It has a 4x optical zoom lens which is easily toggled with a button on the top. I really appreciate it's relatively wide angled lens (33-132 35millimenter equivalent) for a zoom camera. And it's quite inexpensive. I got it for less than 200 dollars. There are certainly better cameras (I have been impressed with the quality and versatility of the Fuji) but they are also way more expensive. It's a lot of camera for the price. I have been surprised at the quality of its images given how inexpensive it is.
I have some pictures up if you want to see some examples.
Hope this helps

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