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JinE Dec 4, 2006 9:49 PM

I'm finally retiring the FZ10 and moving up to a dSLR. I'm actually quite happy with the FZ10 but I'm looking to move into the SLR world mainly for increased low light performance. I'm not a fast action sports photographer, so shot to shot speed and buffers and that sort of thing are not that important to me. I mainly take macros, landscapes, portraits (i.e. hey Andrea, go stand by that thing over there while I take a picture!). Right now I actually use my P/S Fuji F10 for my low light work, the FZ fails in this reguard miserably and the lack of manual controls on the F10 is annoying. Right now I'm looking at the Rebel XT, Nikon D50, and Pentax K100D which are the 3 at the top of the list. I do have some questions which will help me decide which I prefer.

-Low Light Level Performance: Which of the three are the best with reguards to low light situations? I would think that the anti shake of the K100D would help give it a edge, but what about noise at high ISO, etc. Of course relativly speaking going from P/S to the dSLR the increase in low light performance may be great enough that even the worst of the 3 performers would seem like a giant leap to me.

-Lens availability: How great is the selection (Price/performance) is the glass between the three brands?

-Accessory availability: As far as availability of accessories to fit the different cameras, flashes, grips, etc. Which is the leader is price/availability?

mtclimber Dec 4, 2006 10:16 PM


There might indeed be a possible intermediate step. Take a look at the Fuji S-6000fd. For much less than $US 400 you can get a 10.7X ultrazoom that works very well indeed at ISO 800, 1600 and even 3200 in a pinch.

As an Instructor, I use both digicams and DSLR cameras. The Pentax K100D (whichI own and use)would be a good choice due to its SR which is IS in Pentax terms. The kit lens that comes with the K100D is quite capable of good macro shots. The nice thing about the pentax K100D is that it can use any lens ever produced for a Pentax, somtimes with an adapter for the screw mount lenses, and every lens, no matter what its age will have IS because the IS in the Pentax is mounted around the imager.

I also own the Nikon D-50 and while it is a good camera, it does not have the IS advantage.


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