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I'm not sure you will be able to get good pics in a reptile house with any camera/lens without a tripod. Aren't reptile houses very dark?
If you have your animals behind glass in a dark room your best bet is to have a camera on a tripod with a polariser to remove the glare from the glass. This will give very long shuttter speeds but that's fine for most reptiles as they lie very still. Once you are using a tripod your Lumix will be able to take excellent pictures.
To shoot hand-held I think an slr with a very fast lens would be necessary but even then you would get vastly better shots with a tripod.
I'd advise getting a cheapo tripod first and see how much difference it really makes. If you can't get good enough shots off of one then is the time to start looking at expensive upgrades.
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There are a number of lenses that fall into the 28-300mm (in 35mm terms) focal length. When the generally used DSLR multiplier of 1.5X is applied (because most of the DSLR cameras, except Olympus, use the APS-C CMOS imager which is smaller that a fuul size 35mm negative: 24 X36mm) the effective focal length of those lenses are therefore, an effective focal length of 42-450mm which compares quite favorably, and even exceeds the focal length, in 35mm terms of the Pansonic FZ-7.


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