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Shatsi Nov 20, 2012 11:52 AM

Looking for a new P&S camera, please help
I've always own Sony cyber shot but thinking of maybe switching to Canon. I don't mind going for another Sony but prefer to be with either Sony or Canon.

I'm mainly taking family, kids, portrait pictures, very little landscape pictures. Pretty much 100% shoots in auto mode. I'm with 2 toddler so don't want to keep changing modes. Plus something durable, that wouldn't break at the first drop. Prefer to spend up to $200 but can go up to $250.

I'm looking for a pocket camera with the following:
-Powers up and take a picture fast
-Good image stabilization
-Sharp crisp pictures overall
-Non grainy pictures in low lighting(my current sony takes bad pics in low lighting)

Is there anything out there for me?

Thank you

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