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zaphodchak wrote:
Also Canon's earlier Powershot G series (up through G6, which was 7 megapixels) all had a maximum aperture of f/2.0 at wide angle.
Yes, the G6 was the last camera to use this lens design.

Some historical info most people are not aware of (I'm very aware of it since I boughtan Epson PhotoPC 3000z when it was first introduced).

Look at the lens on the Sony DSC-S70, and compare it to the lens used on the Canon G2, Epson PhotoPC 3000z, Toshiba PDR-M70, and Casio QV-3000z.

They are all using the identical lens design, and used the same Sony 3MP 1/1.8" CCD on the earlier models. These lenses most likely came from the same assembly line (with slightly different coatings for the Sony, as required by the arrangement to use the Carl Zeiss label).

The actual focal length of the lens on these models was 7-21mm, rated at f/2.0 on the wide angle end and f/2.5 on the full zoom end.

Sony continued to use this lens design through thenewer DSC-85 model, but they dropped it with the newer DSC-V1. The other manufacturers also used it for a model or two, then dropped it with their newest models, except for Canon.

Canon decided to refine the original lens design beginning with it's G3 model, and changed it to a7.2-28.8mm lens rated at f/2.0 on the wide end (same as the original design), but stopping down to f/3.0 on the full zoom end. However, keep in mind that the zoom is longer with the refined design. So, brightness at equivalent focal lengths is virtually identical to the original lens.

Canon further refined the design in the G6 (with different lens coatings to minimize chromatic aberrations/purple fringing). It was the last model to use this lens design.

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