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I looked at the Nikon L1, The Canon A610, and the Olympus C5500 Sport. They are all 5 to 6 megapixels and a little bid of a zoom.HTey are all selling within $30 of each other and Everyone is offering great dealson these.The camera will be used for family trips, and everyday stuff. I would like greatpicturesand something better than my Panasonic LC33, which is over 2.5 years old. THe Panasonic has been a great little 3 megapixel camera, but I thinksome of these camerasare much better. and much more up to date.Iwould buy another Panasonic camera but it it seems assome of the reviews for the LZ2 have not been as good as these. (although it has a great $200 price!)ANyone out there have any experiences with these.
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Mr. Minski-

I don't know where you live but the Olympus C-5500 is selling here in the United States for around $(US) 200. There is also the new Olympus SP-310 to consider, that is selling here for around $(US)250. The Oly Sp-310 just received a really good review from www.dpreview.com.

The Nikon L-1 is priced a bit higher than the C-5500 or the SP-310 and the L-1 has had a few previews but no full review written on it as yet. The Canon A-610 is an excellent upgrade of the older A-95 model complete with an articulated LCD, it is very slightly physically larger than any of the previously mentioned three cameras.

The A-610 is reviewed right on this websiteat www.steves-digicams.com. The Canon A-610 maybe a bit more money but it would be my first choice. I would follow that with the Oly Sp-310, the Oly C-5500, and the Nikon L-1.

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I don't think you can go wrong with either the Canon A610 or the Oly SP-310.

I like the articulated LCD on the A610 and the extra zoom range. An articulated LCD lets you shoot easily from near the ground to get a different perspective and over your head to see over things. It is great for candid shots as people don't seem to pose if someone isn't standing behind a camera aiming it at them.

The SP-310 has a better sensor and you can learn to work with raw. The downside is that it has slow cycle times in JPG and really slow cycle times in raw. It uses xD cards, which are a little pricier and not as universal as the SD on the Canon.

Beach Camera has the SP-310 for $264 and free shipping. Not a bad price for a 7Mp camera with manual and raw. You can get the A610 a little cheaper.

Those comments are based on your using the great advantage of digital to learn more about photography. If you are just going to leave them in auto and snap away you can get smaller cameras in that price range that will take good pictures.

You have to keep in mind that reviewers view the images at 100% where they have to scroll around to see the whole picture and nitpick small deficiencies. You mention the LZ2. It has a 6X optical zoom with true mechanical image stabilization in a very compact package. I'm not a big fan of not having an optical viewfinder, but many people get along fine without one. The only thing that a snapshot photographer might find a little frustrating is the lack of a focus assist light. I've had older cameras that are probably worse at low light focus and always managed to find a way around that. My main technique was to pre-focus on something with more contrast or more light and then reframe and shoot the picture. Differences in ambient light don't affect flash shots much. You will find it focuses fine except in very limited lighting without any jacking around. The LZ2 is on Steve's best camera list, which isn't that large considering all of the cameras available. Steve is an excellent judge and I doubt the camera would be less than satisfactory if you just want point and shoot.

Download some full sized sample pictures and display them full sized onscreen as you would normally view them (not 100% where you have to scroll around to see the whole thing). Print an 8 X 10 and see how it looks. Within the range of normal use most cameras produce good pictures. If you just want point and shoot I would go for something smaller that you can always have with you. A Canon SD400 for $250 and free shipping is a very good little camera to carry around if you don't need all of the manual controls. http://www.profeelvideo.com/showpage...ource=dealtime

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thank you for all your responses. OfficeMax had a great $199 price on the Olympus C5500 yesterday during Black Friday day. I added an additional $20 off coupon that I received in the mail and my price was $190.50 out the door. I guess this is not a bad price after all. I paid $40 for a 512mb card and I should be OK. This camera shopping can be a pain, but there are so many deals out there that you can drive yourself crazy. I could get the A610 for $240 shipped an a the same 512mb card for $30. So the difference is $270 vs $240 is not much. What is $30 over the life of the camera probably nothing. Now e have to see if it was worth the 7am wake up call.
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