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WookieeGunner Jul 8, 2006 2:31 PM


I have a Panasonic DMC-FZ1 that I love and use. The problem with it is that often I am trying to do wide angle shots (like say of a group of people) and quick "candid camera" style shots. With the Lumix I tend to end up moving really far back and using the zoom to frame the group and the candid shots tend to come out a little late. In addition it is a bit bulkier than I like for just a grab and go type of camera.

So I am looking for an ultra-compact with the following features:

1. SD memory

2. Uses a standardized battery (preferrably AA)

3. Fast start/cycle time.

4. Good at wide angles. If it will use a wide angle converter, that would be nice but not needed.

Telephoto isn't that big of a deal, neither is megapixels since most of my stuff is for the web. I'm thinking the Canon A540 or something similiar.

Justinian Jul 8, 2006 4:51 PM

If you can compromise about the AA batteries, I would highly recomend the Panasonic FX-01. It has just about everything else you are looking for, including a wide angle lens (28mm). Don't let the reports about noise discourage you. This ultracompact is quite capable of stunning results, especially when you take the time to read the manual and learn how to coax the best quality images out of this gem. The FX-01 has very good battery life (about 340 shots per charge); a bright and beautiful 2.5 inch LCD with 207,000 pixels; and the build is solid. I was browsing through a darkened monastery chapel the other day and took these shots of the stained glass windows, using just the Scene Mode: Night Scenery. You be the judge.

WookieeGunner Jul 8, 2006 7:56 PM

Yeah, my big problem with the FX-01 is I expect it is like the FZ-1 I already have in that if you hook it up to the computer you have to turn it on and then it won't go off till the batteries are drained. I'm always killing the battery in my FZ-1 like this.

Justinian Jul 8, 2006 8:25 PM

If you purchased a card reader, e.g. Sandisk ImageMate 12-in-1, you would save battery power on your camera, since you would not have to turn it on and drain power while downloading photos to your PC. JM2C.

mtclimber Jul 8, 2006 8:49 PM


You card reader suggestion was excellent. I was also very impressed with you Panny FX01 and FZ7 photos at I have enjoyed using my Panny TZ-1 and Fuji F-30 P&S's whichare a great little cameras, as well as my DSLR's.


Justinian Jul 8, 2006 11:59 PM

Thank you for your positive comments about my photos. I consider anyone who uses a DSLR a far more advanced photographer than I am, so your remarks were especially encouraging. (R u a mtclimber?? If so, I'd love to see some of your pics from one of your mountain climbing adventures.)

Justinian Jul 9, 2006 12:11 AM

Hi Sarah, aka mtclimber/Speaklightly! I guess you figured me out alright! These user ID's are fun to make up, aren't they? "Donato" is my real name in Italian, or at least it's the name the Italians gave me when I lived in Italy for three years. "Justinian" was the name of the last true Roman Emperor and since I have a keen interest in ancient Roman history, I took his name as a user ID.
So I guess you're not a mtclimber after all, eh? Now that I know who you are, I am triple-delighted that you like my photo gallery. Coming from a teacher of digital photography, your remarks were quite complimentary. You may recall that I had been asking about a wide angle ultracompact and you recommended the Canon S80. I bought it, but I found it still too bulky. With the arrival of the FX-01, I found just what I had been looking for. I don't know why other manufacturers don't offer wide angle compacts. They are enormously convenient.

mtclimber Jul 9, 2006 12:12 PM

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The Panny FX01 is a nice camera, but a poor low light performer, which you know that I enjoy. I did pick up a Panny TZ-1 which was recommended by John Reed, and a Fuji F-30which have been a fun companions to my SLR's.

Now if you really like wide angle (sample attached) go with a Kodak V-570, or equip your D-50 with a Nikkor 12-24mm lens. I am glad to find you again.


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