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Hey guys and ladies. I am looking for a new digital camera to relace my ancient Sony DSC-P50. Yes, that old camera. I want to get a new camera with a much greater zoom range - say 10X min.

Here's my Priority list:

1) Shutter lag. I HATE when I press a shutter and the camera sits there and thinks for a while. I would try and be pre-focused as often as possible which helps immensely, but if I dont have that option I dont want to wait until what ever I want to capture passes. Big priority since a lot of what I want to shoot can be action shots.

2) Macro - This may be odd since I want a super zoom, but I would love a good macro ability. I take a lot of close up shots of things like Orchids, watch faces, etc. and would like a very nice detailed close up. I mainly use my even older 35mm Canon AE-1 for my goodmacros and then scan the negatives if I need to edit. Can you tell I need to get up to date a little?!?

Thats kind of it really. My main use for the camera would be nature (lots of waterfalls locally I want pics of), the macro shots, action shots of mydogs who hate sitting still, the autocrosses and other car races I attend, and last but certainly not least pics of my new baby thats due next year. The main reason for the zoom capabilty is the nature and action shots I want to try and capture. A decent wide angle wouldnt be bad, but I think some of the camera's I am looking at I can add an adapter.

My budget is around $300. On my list to look at more closely are; Fuji S5200, Panasonic DMC-FZ5 or 7, Kodak P850, Olympus SP500Z, Sony DSC-H2 or H1 if the H2 isnt that much better. So far I really like the looks of the Fuji from what I have read online. The image stabilization isnt a huge concern for me. I can brace myself against a tree limb or use a little mono/tri pod for the nature shots. I dont really think IS would be worth anything on action shots. If anything, I like the slight blurring of the backround in action shots as long as I can capture the subject cleanly.

So any cameras that I am really missing and what do you think of what I picked so far?!?

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:-) I bought the Canon S2 IS and the 12X with IS is terrific, replaced my Konica Minolta Z10 with 8X and no IS, and the price of 389 dls is not bad. On the plus side, it uses SDcard memory and 4 AA rechargable batteries and not an expensive propriatary bat. as some of the others. Great Macro No shutter lag, (I used to be irritated by that too!). Regards Hernan
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Remember, when you are at full 10x telephoto, any slight movement on your part will get multiplied 10 times... and it would be both foreground and background blur. I, personally, don't know anyone who can consistently shoot sharp images at greater than 3x zoom - but then again, I don't know too many people! :lol:
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Well, I went out shopping over the weekend. Sad part is trying to find these cameras that have a working battery in them. The other sad part is the camera I really wanted to try out, the Fuji, was nowhere to be found.

Tried the P850. Am I missing something, or is the shutter lag horrible?? Prefocused it was OK, but if I just wanted to take a quick shot of something I wouldnt be able to.I just had it set to Auto. I liked the rest of the camera, but that was driving me nuts at the store.

The Sony H2 wasnt bad. Much quicker shooting than the P850 as far as lag and autofocus time, but the shot to shot time was slow. It seemed to take a while to write to the card.

Wasnt crazy about the Olympus. The Panasonic was nice the few seconds I could get it to work in the store. Unfortunately the battery kept dying.

Tried the Canon S2 IS since people seem to like it. It was nice. Hada quickshutter. Had a fast zoom that was nice. I liked the articulated LCD panel. I am not sure if its worth $80 ormore than the Fuji. I would really like to try the Fuji, all the specs look great on it. People love the Canon's movie mode, I could care less about movies. I want great stills. I am going to have to call around and see if I can find a shop with hopefully both in stock.

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