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I have narrowed my choices down to these 2 cameras. Unfortunately with most vendors in the US, you can't take these cams for a 1 or 2 day test drive without payinga restocking fee. I can get the S2 IS for about $290 and the Panasonic for about $20 more. I looked at the S3 and can't justify the $150 leap. Any experience you have had would be helpful.

First I am assuming that with a maximal print size of 8x10, 1 MP is generally not detectable. I am not likely to use these cameras for extreme shooting situations and am most interested in image quality under non-stressed ISOsettings and ease of use.The ability to take night or low light shots with slow shutter speeds using IS isone factor which may push the ISO envelope a little. I use these mainly for travel and am also interested in zoom quality and possibly their performance with wide angle lens adaptors. . Another plus with the S2 IS is the zoom capability in the movie mode. I found myself not using this mode much in on previous cameras as the lack of zoom was very restrictive. I also found the Panasonic screen to beeasierto read for the aging eyeand less quirky than the S2 but from what I've read most people prefer the EVF for eye level viewing and using the screen primarily for image review and in camera editing.
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Check out http://www.imaging-resource.com/IMCOMP/COMPS01.HTM

You can compare images from any camera, side by side. I personally would highly recommend the FZ7. The MEGA ISO of Panasonic just can't be beat, in my opinion and the Leica lens is outstanding. No SuperZoom camerais great in low light but the Venus lll engine on the FZ7 does a pretty good job on noise. Go to the Panisonic forum here and read what the users are saying and see the photos they are posting. I started with the FZ1four years ago and now have the FZ20 and have never been sorry. The FZ7 is a newer model, is smaller and can be used at higher ISO's thanthe FZ20but I don't use mine indoors.

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d-sr wrote:
The MEGA ISO of Panasonic just can't be beat, in my opinion
My understanding is the Canon's IS is the best out there...unless that's changed...?

Having an S2 myself, I'd like to recommend it. And I would!! But, The FZ7 really has my interest. While the S2 is a bit aged, it doesn't really show it. Many people are considering it in the same decision process as the newer FZ7, S3 IS,H5, etc, because it has the same features (sometimes more!) as the newer models.

The only reason I'd give the edge to the FZ7 is due to it being a newer model. Panasonic has extremely good UZ camera's and I think they've had some time to help correct the slight noise people have always complained about. And if you're not interested in using higher ISO's, noise probably won't be an issue (for either camera).

The zooming feature during movie mode is extremely nice, which is a major plus to the S2 IMO *IF* you are interested in movie mode.

On very few occasions have I used the articulating LCD of the S2. But, there were a few times I used it and got the shot I probably couldn't have otherwise.
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Thanks for all your input. Well, I checked out the image comparometer (?). Other than than the nonissue of the closer macro distance on the F27, I actually found the lens resolution, color rendition and noise level to be superior on the Canon. Color balance with flash on the Panasonic was preferable. I also thought the noise level was more noticeable on the Panonsonic but again this was only detected at the highest resolution on my monitor. I have an S2 box in my hands and I'm only ready to break the seal unless somebody stops me...........
Oh, by the way. I've come to the conclusion that people like me who frequent these forums are intensely analytical. Not the place for the impulsive shopper.
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