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Default Looking To Upgrade To A DSLR

Hello there,
Well this is my first post/thread so I'm glad to be part of these forums.

So I currently own a Kodak Z712IS (Which IMO is a really nice P&S camera) and am looking into getting a DSLR sometime soon (Preferrably an entry level). I am currently looking at the Sony A330L camera and am liking alot of the features on it and the cost isn't too bad either.

Well not to get into too much detail, I am a Railway Conductor by trade and am heavily interested in taking train photos (still and moving) so I need a DSLR that can have an object moving at a certain speed and capture the image without the object being blurry. Plus I'd like the camera to have some durability like being in and out of camera bags and working in cold/warm weather. So my question is would the Sony A330L do the job or is there some other DSLR's out there that would do the job better?

Thanks for reading,
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The 330 would do the job. Any particular reason for the sony? I would look at something with a better AF system like the canon XSi for the moving train shots. For the same price of the a330 you can get something like the pentax k-x also. It is a higher end camera then the 330, more in line with the sony a380. Also you may want to look at the olympus e620, it is in the same price range as the sony.

I would go to a store to see how the fit of each camera fits you, everyone likes different ergos.

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any dslr should do the trick. but yea, the canon AF system on the t1i and xsi is better.

my only reservation about the sony a3xx series is the small viewfinder.

you may go down to the local store and have a look at some of the models in that price range. see which one feels best to you.

look at the sony a330
pentax k-x
canon xsi
nikon d5000
olympus 620
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The Sony is certainly capable of taking the pictures you want, but I'm like Hards - I thought the viewfinder very hard to use when I looked at it. You spend a great deal of time looking through one and I think it's one of the most important ergonomic consideration you need to consider. I haven't looked at the Oly so don't know about it's viewfinder, but have checked out the other three (well, I haven't actually looked at a K-x but I own several other Pentax dSLRs) and they are all significantly better than the Sony.

Be sure you are going to be happy carrying your camera around for a long time (there's a definite weight/size limit for me, I'm small. But someone who's got huge hands might prefer something that I would reject, it all depends on personal preference).
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