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mikedinghy Sep 14, 2006 7:42 AM

I'm looking for inexpensive point-and-shoot digital cameras (less than $250) that: A) Have a short lag time between pressing the shutter release button and the image being recorded., B) Cameras that also have a quick recovery time between shots and C) Cameras that have a quick "Boot-Up" time. These should all be related.

Obviously I want a camera that produces great images also. I'm not necessarily impressed with hi mega-pixel count. I take great pictures with my 2 mega-pixel Pentax Optio 230 - and I usually have it set on a mid-range resolution - good enough for small prints.

Edvinas Sep 14, 2006 8:25 AM

Such camera does not exist.

Sorry, but you want Ferrari for a price of FIAT...

mikedinghy Sep 14, 2006 8:42 AM

I don't expect a Ferrarri - I just want to know the best ones available in that price range.

DIGuy Sep 14, 2006 5:55 PM

Yeah....For 250 your not gonna get anything near what your looking for...Gonna have to dish out more cash for what your looking for

rinniethehun Sep 14, 2006 7:08 PM


You should be able to pick up a Fuji F10 for around that price range, now that the F30 is out. It's pretty quick, and has very good low light capabilities.

the Hun

kenbalbari Sep 15, 2006 3:21 AM

Actually the new Fuji F20, the replacement for the F10 is out, and is under that price. It's pocketable, with very good image quality, and reasonably fast, assuming it has the same high speed mode as the F30.

The F30 is 1.6 seconds to power up, and 1/3 of a second full press shutter lag with high speed shotting turned on (half press lag is .01 seconds). Shot to shot times without flash are about 1.6 seconds, but 2.3 seconds with flash on, and a slow 5 seconds with red eye reduction on. The F20 is a different battery, so timings may not be the same.

The Casio Exilim Z-850 is 1.3 seconds to power up, only 1/5 second full press shutter lag (.03 half press), with shot to shot times of about 1.3 seconds without flash, 1.8 seconds with flash, and 3.5 seconds with redeye reduction. Image quality suffers at higher sensitivities, but it's a quick performer and popular amongst the ultra compacts.

The above timings are per dpreview.

The Canon A530 is a nice budget model. It's 1.8 seconds to power up, 1/5 second full press shutter lag, and 1.8 seconds between shots without flash (but over 4 seconds with flash) per Steve's review. He measured the A540 as even quicker, with only 1.6 seconds to power up and and 1.5 seconds between shots without flash, with other timings similar.

And the Sony Cybershot DSC-S600 is another nice entry level camera, under $200, which powers up in 2 seconds, with a .4 second full press lag, but a quick 1.2 seconds shot to shot without flash, though long lags with the flash. That maybe is a bit on the slow side.

Pretty much all of these cameras nowdays also have a continuous shooting mode or burst mode of some sort as well. In the Canon A530 and A540 it averaged near 3 fps in Steve's tests.

Obviously you're not getting something as quick as a mid range DSLR which does 5fps, but I think you might find something quicker than your old 2MP Pentax. I just checked a few good models in that price range, there might be other good performers. Check the "timings" sections of the reviews at dpreviews, and the conclusions of steves reviews and you'll find timing data for most models.

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