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Overzeetop Oct 16, 2004 10:54 AM

I've just run into an issue which I hadn't expected - noise - in my latest digicam. I'd like to blame Steve himself for my buying the K/M x50, as he characterized the noise as "average," but I'm afraid he might be correct. If the x50 is average, I need to find a camera that can take images at ASA200 or so with excellent noise qualities. A bright lens wouldn't be bad either.

Anyway I'm looking for something pocket sized (I have large pockets), but with decent optical zoom (35-105 equiv, longer if possible). It's primarily for business use (site investigation / engineering), and take a lot of pictures in indutrial facilities (moderately lit) and in basements/crawlspaces (poorly lit).

Edit - I should say that my previous digicam was a Fuji FinePix1300, and produced fabulous shots, but was limiting in the image-to-image time, lack of zoom, and limited image size (1.3MP).

Any suggestions?

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