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Corpsy wrote:
Average, untrained, uncritical people are also the ones who are getting suckered into thinking they NEED more megapixels, so I think the articles make a good point for those people.
And everyone of those average untrained, uncritical people that come to this forum seeking advice have always been told exactly what is in those articles. An the reason is that the chances that some great photographer is going to scan their snapshots looking for great photographs is very slim.

But the people that frequent these forums aspire to be great photographers, at leastin some small way. And someday, when we are closer to greatness, we may come across a mediocre photograph we took some time in our past, and find a better photograph within.

So the articles don't make a good point for us.
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fldspringer wrote:
My passion with the camera is currently trying to capture gun dogs flushing birds during the course of their work. There are many unknowns. The bird can fly in any direction and I find myself relying on my reaction time to get any shot at all. In this situation there are multiple subjects, both the bird and the dog. My most common crop is to change the landscape orientation of the camera to a portrait crop due to the way the bird came off the ground.
I understand completely what you're saying here. But I would guess, based on my own experience the limiting factor in getting a good end-product isn't megapixels - it's that the subject when you crop just isn't sharp enough. In other words, your focus wasn't on the money. If all you're doing is changing from portrait to landscape on a 6mp camera you'll still have enough resolution for an 8x10 print. When you start cropping out more in this type of photo - the dog or bird will likely not be sharp enough to support the crop. Not always, but at least in my experience you have a soft image. Whether the camera is 6mp or 22 - if the focus was off, the image will still be soft. So your success depends not only on getting everything in the frame but with such a wide frame getting your focus point in the correct pane.
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Your quite right John. Focus IS a huge issue. I most often am forced off of the subject and am attempting to choose a focal point as close to equal distances as my subjects. The razor sharp focus is also comprimised by panning the camera with a constantly changing focal point and not the subject(s) themselves. Its not an exact science and things happen very quickly.

We've discussed advantages/disadvantages to the 4/3 Olympus system, and one of its advantages for my particular pursuit is the larger depth of field. Having enough light to get high enough shutter speed AND stopping down a few stops is also nice when it happens. While I break just about every rule of photography as it comes to focus, it is still alot of fun. I guess its a bit like hunting in some respects. Not every photo is good enough to print. Some are far from it but the dog owners love to see their dog with birds in the air. I'll leave such pics up for a month or so and cull them as I feel.

What drives me is the love of the sport. I love the athletic atributes of both dog and fowl as it attempts to evade capture. Sometimes, perhaps most of the time in field trials I have a big basket on my back (used to carry the shot birds) so I'm allowed to follow the dogs and handlers in competition so I can be closer to the action. Then I'll give up the basket and the camera and run my own dog too. I guess my photography is a sport too.
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