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interested_observer Jun 12, 2009 10:37 AM

You have received excellent advice from some of the best of Steve's here. I thought I would just throw this in... In the end, a camera is just a tool, its the person with the skill, knowledge, experience, practice, patience, eye, etc. that creates and actually takes the image. You can have the absolutely best equipment, and take some of the worst possible pictures.

As said previously, Pentax is not known for sports or birds in flight (BIF), in that other camera system do have technical advantages. That being said, take a look at this one posted thread...

.... you need to scroll through the entire thread.

The photographer certainly understands photography, has tremendous skill, terrific eye, wonderful knowledge to work out how to take the images in a wide range of situations, practiced for quite a while, great patience, and with all of that - certainly uses a $4,500 lens to its fullest extent.

... best of luck in your decision...

photographynut Jun 12, 2009 6:50 PM

Went back today
I went back and the sales man said they only had the one Pentax K20 remaining and still the deal on the XSI. His boss happened to be up working the counter and offered me a great deal on the Pentax K20 the kit lens 18-55 plus a Pentax prime lens and the Tamron 70-300 for the same price as the XSI. I played with both while the auto focus was a little slower I jumped on the K20 as I felt with the lenses it gave me a better deal. I could always switch brands down the line if I pursue the hobby more and get some camera time.

TCav Jun 12, 2009 7:30 PM

Excellent! Good luck with it!

And come back and post some photos.

Photo 5 Jun 12, 2009 8:29 PM


Originally Posted by TCav (Post 976308)
Where did that come from?

I'm talking about 30%-60% keepers (multiple subjects will reduce the keeper ratio somewhat), and I'll come away with more keepers than someone that must wait for their flash to recharge between shots.

I get 75% keepers with my Sony A200 if I have the ISO set properly...... I recently did a Children Miracle Network Telethon and got over 85% keepers although some were duplicates.


interested_observer Jun 12, 2009 8:39 PM

Congratulations on your acquisition. Once you make it through the manual, here is a link to a supplemental book/manual on the K20 that may explain thing a bit better and clearer - essentially adding why you might want to do various things, etc. You might need to scroll down a bit to the K20 book (they have both a hard copy and a on line softcopy available) along with books for the K100 and K10.

Also, there is the Pentax dSLR forum here on Steve's and a separate one on Pentax lenses (actually what ever lenses that mount on Pentax camera bodies). There are a lot of folks who use various Pentax models, a lot of K20/200/2000/10/100/110 users along with *ist DS/DL users too. The regulars on the forum are very friendly, and extremely knowledgeable, and always eager to help and answer questions. Plus we all like to see pictures!!!

The K20 is a very capable camera. I just upgraded to it about 2 months ago from the K100 (after several years). You will have somewhat of a steep learning curve. Don't be surprised if your images are not up to your expectations for a while, since there is a lot to learn about the camera. Hint - start with just placing the camera in the "green" mode (or when ever in doubt) and shoot in full automatic, and then start changing one capability at a time - but that is just a suggestion. There are quite a few folks who just upgraded to the K20 on the forum, posting a lot of questions, so don't be shy....

Also, to put your mind somewhat at ease. What ever camera system you purchased - you will run into items where by you may start second guessing your decision. No camera is perfect, however there are probably at least 2 or 3 different workaround solutions, so you just have to think the problem through (out in the field), and / or come post a question.... and that is called learning (which can be tough).

hope that helps...

mtngal Jun 12, 2009 8:52 PM

Congrats - sounds like a very good deal! Don't hesitate to wander down to the Pentax dSLR section of this board and ask questions about the K20 (everyone has them, I've owned the K20 for a year now and still have questions!). We all are happy to answer questions. By the way, which Pentax prime lens did they also sell you with the kit lens and the Tamron 70-300?

peripatetic Jun 13, 2009 12:57 AM

Well done. The K20D is an excellent camera and is fantastic value for money at the moment.

I'm sure you'll have a blast.

TCav Jun 13, 2009 6:09 AM


Originally Posted by Photo 5 (Post 976681)
I get 75% keepers with my Sony A200 if I have the ISO set properly...... I recently did a Children Miracle Network Telethon and got over 85% keepers although some were duplicates.

Ok, but I'm talking about available light photography in a typical home; you're talking about a brightly lit television studio. Not quite the same thing.

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