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The Sony H1, Canon S2, Panasonic FZ5 & 7 & Fuji s5600 are all great cameras &I have no doubt years of debate could be held to find "THE BEST".

All the cameras listed above have great appeal, specifications andare more than capable of producing stunning photos,and regardless of your camera faith be it with Canon, or Sony etc they are all top preformers, however as i intend to buy one of the above within the next 2 weeks I still cannot decide which to get.

The Canon S3 is out of my price range and the Sony H2 is being considered so it simply boils down to the cameras mentioned & possibly the H2. To finally help me choose which camera is best for me it simply comes to this; which one of the above is the easiest,most cost effective camera & "discreet" when it comes to adding filters such as a polariser, and by discreet I don't mean a huge cumbersome deformity sticking out from the camera.

Hopefully the answer to the above will help me make my mind up, becuase at the moment I just can't say I'll have that one !!.

Whatever i get, it needs to have a 10x or better zoom for general wildlife &landscapes, it needs to begood in low light & generally a very good multi-purpose camera with the ability to use a polarising filter.

Any ideas ?.

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For daylight shots I might take a different camera, but for low light shots I would choose the Fuji S5600 (S5200 in the US). I have wide angle and telephoto converters from Olympus which work pretty nicely. You can check Ebay and onlineretailers for prices on the TCON-17. It screws directly into the S5600 (55 mm threads) without a step up or step down ring. So does the Olympus B-28 wide angle converter. 55 mm polarizers are easy to find.
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Thanks for the s5600 info.

Does'nt the TCON-17 make the S5600 bigger than it already is, I have tried an adaptor similar to this for my Fuji E550 and quite frankly although it worked and I got the full benefit from the filters i had for it, when attached the adaptor made the camera look and feel awkward, not to mention needing a bigger case etc.

I presume that none of the cameras I mentioned have the ability of being able to simplyscrew in a filter into the existing lens ?.
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