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I Live in the U.K &currently have a Fuji E550 which I've never liked & intend to ditch it asap.

Having looked high and low at countless review sites like steve's I've short listed a small list of mega zoom replacements, basically I'd like a 5mp + camera, with at least x10 optical zoom with image stabilization or anti shake, I'd like good poor light capability, a good movie mode, produces very good photo's, has the ability touse filters like aPolariser& more importantly a camera that puts the G into Grin & will last.

My budget is up to £350 which is about $550, my short list is:

Sony DSC H-1

Panasonic FZ 5

Fuji S5600

Other than the new H2 & FZ 7 are there any other cameras worth looking at ?.

Would I be better off Buying the new equivalent (H2 or FZ7) instead of a H1 & FZ5.

Which of these camera is the best for "me", I've tried the fz5 & fuji in a shop, i felt the s5600 was nice and rugged but felt the screen was way too small & having fallen out of love with Fuji felt i'd have the same loathing I have for the E550.

The Fz 5 just did'nt float my boat, i like to wrap my hands around a camera and although smaller than a Sony H1 it felt big & uncomfortable.

Sadly I have yet to see or play with a H1 and have short listed it purely on it's looks and the countless rave reviews "fromeverybody" it's received.

So which camera should i go for ; the H1, H2, FZ5, FZ7, S5600 or something else ?.
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Now that depends much from what you photograph, for wild animals/birds long tele is quite must, also remember to check Canon S2 and S3.
But if it's more towards general photography, especially landscapes, architecture and such, then "mega" zooms aren't best ones, because that "zoom" is mega fraud, it doasn't tell anything concretic and about every of those so media sexy mega zooms lack seriously in wide angle.
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I take General photo's landscapes, photo's oftransport (boats etc) & wide life etc, the E550's limited zoom is well very limited & I'm not really into taking building photo's.

I want to take more wildlife photo's such as big birds (buzzards etc) flying & I've often found that the x4 zoom on the E550 isway to short, hence the desire for a x10 or higher zoom.

I have'nt looked at anyCanon's, do the s2 and s3 have "all" the features (ability to fit a Polariser, anti shake / blur etc) that I'm looking for ?
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