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Default Mega zoom for parents under $250 mainly indoor use..Olympus SZ10? Others?

Got my parents a Canon A470 couple years ago after reading through the reviews, and seeing it listed on Steves's best of list for entry level cameras.

They've never really liked the camera, and I like it even less. There now looking for something with more zoom, faster performance (to say the Canon A470 is slow would be a gross understatement) but wants to stay at around $250.
I first suggest the Panasonic DMC-ZS10
& Olympus SZ10

Uses: It would mainly be used as an indoor camera, but occasional use for travel/beach/scenic settings. So I guess the most important thing would be flash/indoor performance, battery life, and at least 10x zoom. Also dummy proof would be great...

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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You are not going to get really good indoor quality with the small sensor, you will really need a flash to get a megazoom with a hot shoe.
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G'day CN

I hear you mate > but your $ budget will be the issue here
If you want to keep within your budget, you will have to accept many compromises

However, if you would like to look at the Fuji superzoom range, they do have some interesting models in the $200 - $300 range > the 'but' is whether they have 'all' your required features

For many of us here who are shooting the types of stuff you mention in your OP, we are using cameras whose $ is 2x or 3x your budget

Regards, Phil
Has Lumix mirrorless & superzoom cameras and loves their amazing capabilities
Spends 8-9 months each year travelling Australia
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Funny you mention SZ-10 as I recently ordered one and am waiting. I wanted a no frills zoom that fitted albeit bulkily in a pocket, it was under that budget but I'm hoping it's good enough.
I'd recently given to family my Nikon S9100, which though superceded meets your budget and zoom. It has pluses of a very short shutter delay, good PQ and fits pockets and hands rather well. Minus to me was not liking its macro performance and since buying an excellent Nikon P510 not finding a lot of reason to use it, the P510 outperforms it in every area except pocketability and shutter delay.
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I'd look at the ZS15 also- with its improved sensor (over the ZS10).
So long as you appreciate that indoor work will be with the flash (and not over concert hall distance..!) then the ZS15 should meet most requirements.
Speed should be fine- as Panasonic are class leaders in this regard.
Their "intelligent auto" mode seems pretty foolproof also...
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Thanks for all the suggestions, I'm still trying to find a shop to check out the Olympus models. So far out of all the cameras I showed my mom at the local shops she seems to like the Nikon L810 which is on sale at Target for $249 I think. I'm planning on trying to get down to the next town and check out the camera shop there and Best Buy.

I know there not going to get a DSLR nor near DSLR performance in such an entry level camera, just something decent enough if they decide to blow up a pic to 8x10 it won't look to terrible.

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