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I am somewhat a newbee here but have had and enjoyed cameras for many years. Years ago I bought a Canon Elan film with lenses and all the goodies. Getting tired of carring all the junk so I've bought a sony S-85 acouple years ago and now lately wanting to undate again..
Without going to a shop and visually seeingwhat was out there, and only checking the web a forums I thought I wanted a DSLR. I finally decided on the Canan Reble. Well after going to the shop tocheck and probably buy one,I changed my mind quickly after it was handedto me. BIGGGG. Well bigger than I wanted. The shop showed my many other camera and the one that appealed to me was the Minolta A-200. Does anyone have one? Any bad points with it. Does anyone know about the sensor size compared to other digitals. I've seen many posts that say the senor size determines thepicture quality. Larger the sensor the better the quality picture. The little bit I played with it in the shop thephotos appeared quitgood. Had a Fuji on trial for a few days to test it, but there was several issuresI didn't like with it.

One thing I couldn't do is test the A-200 in low light without flash on a tripod. I probably won't make any prints larger than 8 by 10 but probably will crop some. I do like theLDC on the back for viewing, I like manual controls at times, but mainly I like a good quality picture. The A-200 actually has more zoom thani need but thats OK.

I do some close up, family gatherings, vacations, I want a good all around camera. Is the A-200 what I need before I buy or is there something else that might be better.

I like the size of the A-200 or it could be a little bigger.After checking the
Rebel DSLRI was surprised you can't use the LDC for viewing before taking the picture.

Any thoughts or comments on the A-200 or somthing better?

Thanks for helping
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