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jimmy S Jan 6, 2006 3:24 PM

I have been using a canon sd 500 for about a year, love it, but it's time to learn real photo fun. I have read and read, down to 2, Minolta 5d, or Sony Ri, I know they are not the same type, but both have things I want., for the same price I can get the 5d with 2 lenes and all the things to go with the camera, i.e. flash, card 1g, filters, and such, the Sony for the same money is just camera 1g card ,bag and a few small things. I take a lot of indoor "people" beach and sun {i live in Mexico] and I do not know much about camera controls, to me the bottom line is the Sony "glass" or the Minolta's "IS" and flexibility. please help me, thanks in advance

mtclimber Jan 6, 2006 8:07 PM


I have seen a lot of portraits/people photos with the Sony R-1, and they are wonderful. The lens on the R-1 is excellent and lends itself to portraits and people photos.

That does not mean that the K-M 5D is any less of a camera, and yes, the 5Dcould be equipped with a lens in the same focal length range. but I don't think that you would have exactly the same image quality.

Perhaps, Jim C, our resident K-M 5D expert, will chime in with a post on this topic as well. He is more expert on the lenses available for the K-M 5D.


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