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zooloos Sep 7, 2004 1:23 AM

As all of these is almost the same price range (except Nikon) I'm in dead point. All 8MPix, 7x-8x optical zoom... I don't have any possibility to examinate them by myself, so please help me.
Comments welcome

NHL Sep 7, 2004 5:31 AM


pavaros Sep 8, 2004 4:19 PM

some magazines/sites give thumps up for the Oly, others for the A2. But most consistently do not recommend the f828.
I would go for the A2 probably because of the bigger zoom, compared to the 8080, and the anti-shake system.
In general however, all 8mp cameras are really noisy, why dont you go for a quality 5mp one?

Sep 8, 2004 5:08 PM

I agree with both replies...If I had to get an 8mp, I would go for the A2. I did have the same decision to make & got the A1 instead...I like the picture quality better than any of the 8mp cameras.

Sportsman Sep 8, 2004 11:09 PM

For my money I would go with the olympus. If you read PC World and other top sites most pick the c8080 as the best 8mp camera. The biggestnegative on this camerais the 5x zoom where others offer more.:cool:

zooloos Sep 9, 2004 12:47 AM

Thanks a lot.
You've all been very helpful
I think my choice will be A2 (although I'm now considering also 5Mpix)
Once again - thanks

hdburnham Sep 9, 2004 5:14 AM

To add in my two cents worth, I think the anti-shake feature is really important, and gives the Minolta cameras an important edge. If you think you want a long zoom, then ipso facto you want the anti-shake. Moreover, if you are worried about picture noise, the anti-shake will allow you to shoot at lower shutter speeds, which means you can use lower film speed equivalents, which in turn means lower noise.

At 5mp you might consider the Panasonic FZ20.

vamp07 Sep 9, 2004 8:29 AM

I went though the 8mp cameras choosing dance recently. I read all the reviews I could get my hands on and went through the forums. My take on this process is that there are some nuggets of good info out there but many reviewers and users are jaded by personal preferences and will let those preferences go from "I did not like the way camera x works in situation y" to "camera x flawed/broken/defective in area y". Needed to say that because when you spend this amount of money you want to know you are making the best choice you can make and at some point the countless harsh or ill informed opinions you will read will not help. That comments may very well apply to this post too.

Sony DSC F828: Too big and I just can't see myself enjoying walking around with it. Aside from that it is a great camera and I think all the comments you will read about purple fringing are way overblown.

Cannon Powershot Pro1: I love the form factor and I love the feel of the camera but I cannot live with the auto focus which consistently gets criticized for taking too long. I also don't like the way it freezes the frame before the shot which one reviewer described as distracting and I agree.

Konica Minolta Dimage A2: Love this camera. It does feel less solid then the others but I would not describe it as feeling cheap. I also think the quality concerns raised out there are exagerated. Buy it at a place with a good return policy and if there is any truth to this problem you will be fine. In the end the lack or a real macro capability took the camera out of the running for me. If I did not need/want macro it would be my first choice.

Nikon Coolpix 8700: At first it was my first choice but when I read about it's slow startup times I lost interest. Nothing is more annoying then seeing something you want to shoot and find you lost the shot because the camera is not ready yet. I can live with 2 seconds, I cannot live with 4+ seconds.

Olympus 8080 (the one I bought yesterday) : Has a great solid feel. Is said to produce the best pictures (I can't tell the difference unless you heavily crop the image, something I don't expect to be doing). Has a great startup time. Is excellent for macro shots. Wish it had longer zoom but over 5x on any camera it is really hard to hold the shot (I know the A2 with anti hake is supposed to help with this problem). I'm not into using a tripod most of the time so it was not high on my needs list.

Some general comments:

It is said that the 8080 has the best picture quality. I have looked at all the comparisons I could get my hands on. Unless you crop the images heavily my eye cannot tell the difference. I would give all the cameras mentioned above and A for image quality and would not use this for deciding on any of these cameras.

You will read a lot of criticism of the controls of these cameras. My opinion on this subject is that they are all well thought out. Whichever camera you choose you will get used to and love. Reviewers have too many personal preferences in this area and if it does not behave as they are used to they are too quick to criticize.

A common criticism is not being able to shoot multiple raw shots in a row. I wish all the cameras had this capability and I understand why the reviewers wish they had this capability but once again they blow this one way out of proportion. Shooting multiple raw shots is not something I or most users will need.

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