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Sounds like you made an informed decsion, which is all we're doing is trying to help.

I'm sure you'll be happy with the Minolta.

And your right, nothing stays the same. In a few years time, everybody's "dream machine" will be that much cheaper.

I'd like to upgrade to a 12mp or 16mp DSLR one day, but I think I'll be waiting at least five years to do so before it will fit into my budget.

-- Terry

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shambles wrote:
What do you think? I have no idea -
I think that you should let her choosing the type of camera she prefer , not everybody prefer SLR, ergonomically speaking. Technical specs is the next step in the decision.
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In terms of trying to help, terry, I'm really impressed and grateful for the good information available here. It's just too easy to go out and buy something shiny and new-looking, only to find out later that you've bought a dog.

Girlfriend's sister went out and bought something from Tesco's based on the fact that it was (a) small - so it has to be high-tech, right? and (b) £40.00... She's now the proud owner of a camera which crashes all the time, takes lousy pictures (no, really - the pictures are so noisy and washed-out, they only just qualify as pictures at all) and takes almost three seconds from pressing the button to actually doing anything, by which time the subject (whatever it was) has gone somewhere else...
Despite my continual advice to her to research before reaching for her purse, she falls for this sort of stuff all the time - and she's not alone by a long way... The thing that really winds me up though, is that the company making the camera she bought must be aware that what they have created is just not able to do the job they claim for it, to a reasonable enough standard. If girlfriend's sister had come here first, I am pretty sure someone somewhere would have been able to come up with a camera for her for under £100 that would do the job of creating half-decent snapshots she might at least be able to print...

I feel that having come here first, there's a good chance girlfriend is not going to be disappointed by her prezzy, and I am sure that being aware of it's limitations will help girlfriend find other ways of getting that elusive perfect picture...

But you're right, too KCan - she really needs to choose for herself, but that would ruin the surprise!

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