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I recently bought (10 months ago) a Konica Minolta Maxxum 5D. I'd like to replace the 'kit' lens (18-70 3.5) with something better. I much more improved lens. Sort of an all-purpose lens.

Before I spend more money on a better lens and new filters, I debating just trading in my Minolta 5d and go with a Canon 30d for example?

The camera store will give me 1/2 price of the 5d within 1 year of purchase.

Any help or thoughts would be very appreciated.


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Yourquestion isn't clear. Could you please be more specific?
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I really like my KM 5D and am using a Sigma 18-200mm lens on it which is very convenient. The 5D has a servicing problem in as much as parts are scarce and Sony, who is doing the servicing is not very highly motivated to solve the parts supply problem.

The Canon 30D will be around for a long time. That surely would be a consideration when thinking long term.

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Hmm...though question.

If you end up wanting the trade, I wouldn't take it to the camera store though.

You can probably get a better deal selling it 2nd hand yourself. (ebay or another 2nd hand site)
Depends on what you paid for it.

Take a look around on ebay for your camera and see at what average price it sells...

Buying into the Canon system would not be a bad idea, it's a very respected manufacturer and there will always be products available for it. (more room for upgrade)

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