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I am ready to upgrade from my beloved Canon A75 and I cannot decide between the Minolta Z6 and the Fujifilm S5200. A big zoom is critical for me as is the anti-shake feature, and both cameras have these. I also like that they use AA batteries since I have an arsenal of rechargables already. The Minolta has more preset shooting modes and I really like the look of it, but most people who have the Fuji think it's the best thing ever. Another thing I'm looking for is fast focus and shutter speed. I take a lot of pictures of my preschool-age children and by the time my Canon focuses, the flash goes off and the shutter clicks, the child is off in another room! :? I like the availability of the manual features although I don't use them often. I like the idea that I *could* use them if I chose to someday. If it takes decent movie clips that's a bonus but it's not a big factor for me because I already have a nice digital camcorder.

If there's another model I should be considering, please let me know. My budget for this camera is not huge, but I don't want something that's going to fall apart. Thanks for any advice!

Kim A.
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No Fuji has an image stabiliser. They claim to have high iso capability instead. The KM Z6 has no [email protected] fps movie mode (the Z5 has one). The Fujis have such a movie mode, but they are not among the best, when it comes to quality. Also the Fuji primarily use the proprietary XD cards. The Canon S2 IS also uses AA batteries. It is better and more versatile than the Z6 but costs also more. The S2 has a very good movie mode.
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KimmeeA13 wrote:
If it takes decent movie clips that's a bonus but it's not a big factor for me because I already have a nice digital camcorder.

Kim A.
The bonus is not on the minolta, it takes movie clips, but the size is only 320x240 and that's to small to make a decent looking clip. On the fuji its 640 x 480 ( so that's four times bigger)

I own the minolta Z2 and though it makes great pictures when there is enough light, it has a problem focusing with poor light. I don't know if that's the same with the Z6.

If i would buy another minolta I would go for the Z5 because of the movie size wich is better on the Z5.

You also could take a look at Canon S2, Panasonic Z5 or Z7, or a kodak camera.

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Personally I would only consider a KM dSLR. Because when KM stops production on 04/01 the SDR cameras will be supported nicely through Sony. The point and shoot cameras such as the Z-5 and Z-5 I fear will become real orphans nad have very little to no support, repair, and warranty service.

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