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For personal shooting, I would not miss the dual card slots at all.

As I said . . . for personal shooting I use my Nikon D5100 all the time.

The D7500 has all the other nice features. Built-in focus motor. Micro focus adjust (which the D90 did not have), ability to trigger an off camera flash wirelessly with its built-in flash.

For me, I don't have a grip for any of my cameras. I still have a lot of gear I think I need so I reserve that money to put towards other things. But there have been one scenario where I recognize I could really use that grip. It is when shooting vertical shots of athletes . . . and I am waiting for a particular "present / flair" to happen. Holding the camera in vertical position with a big heavy lens (like my Nikon 80-200mm f/2.8) on it, I can feel my arms start to hurt and shake as I am waiting because I have my arm draped over the top of the camera to reach the shutter button. If I had a grip, I could jam my elbow into my stomach and probably get a more stable shot. LOL.

As for similar cameras between your daughter and you, it means you can share lenses, flash units, wireless triggers.

My daughter is actually taking a course at school right now. I've given her an old Pentax ist DS camera. She actually needs to take some pictures tonight for class, so has asked me to go along to help her out. But . . . I have also given my other daughter a Pentax ist DS and I myself have a Pentax K100d . . . so similar cameras when we go out together.

Enjoy your Nikon D7500.
Take care & Happy Shooting!

NOTE: I'm trying to capture the picture in my head! Not the one my camera sees!

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Good luck with the D7500. It's a fine camera and I'm sure you'll be happy with it.
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