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I am looking for a camera that most suits my needs. Listed in Order of most important.

Picture quality, > 10 optical zoom, manual control (with the ability to take great auto shots as I am learning and do not want to miss a great shot because I am unable to determine settings fast enough), low noise, stabilization, At least 4-6 mp -because I would like to crop images without losing detail, if needed. I will usually be printing 5x7 - no greater than 8x10.

Current choices: Panasonic FZ7, FZ5, FZ30, Fuji 5200, Fuji 9000, Canon S2,

I currently have a Fuji s602 z, I have been able to take great pictures in auto mode with sufficient lighting (sports shots) but if lighting is poor pictures are blurry. I miss a lot of shots trying to learn what settings to use. I also have a Dimage z10. I really like the point and shoot simplicity.

I want to upgrade to an easy to use point and shoot - I love the smooth quality of the canon rebel. Pics are awesome... What non DSLR camera will give me the best quality pic, low noise, ease of use for sports and portrait shots???

I spend much time researching...too much time... all opions/suggestions needed and welcome...
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The best thing would be to doa search through the forums.. as this question is brought up at least 2 timesa day.. here's a cut and past what I wrote about the S2.. other users with post info of their cameras I'm sure as well.


I have 2 toddlers (one to start soccer soon).

The zoom is incredible. It also takes wonderful action shots for a camera in it's price range/ feature range.

The video is AWESOME to say the least.. stereo sound compared to mono is cool too.

It's got the moveable lcd.. I've found this handy for taking 'above the head shots' at concerts, plays, etc.. with my sons.

I could go into it farther.. but won't right now.. Look into it if you want, and ask questions if you need.

You can peek through some of the pics I've taken.. I've been playing around and am still learning with it. NONE of these photos are post processed.. Some I accdently took in postcard mode, so are a bit noisey.. other than that, true from the camera photos.


These were also taken with my S2 as well.. actually my first outing with it. Poor conditions.. dust, exhaust, crappy light, etc.


I've tried hard to take pics in a few different conditions.. ie:lighting, movement, etc.

There were some other of my photos in another thread.. that I can't find right now.. showing my sons and their Dad.. playing on the floor.. low light.. catching the 'still' action very well.

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The S2IS is a great camera, and will give you great pictures, but the DiMAGE Z-6 also looks good, and is a little cheaper.
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Old Feb 13, 2006, 2:09 AM   #4
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I only have experience of the Canon S2IS it is a great zoom camera 12x optical with image stabilisation. It is capable of great shots using the auto modes but is also a camera where the settings can be adjusted as you gain more experience.

The noise on the S2 I don't find a problem shooting on auto mode, but like most point and shoots the higher ISO speed used then the more likely noise gets.

Examples from this camera can be seen here. www.meltonrossnewbarnetby.co.uk

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Old Feb 13, 2006, 2:53 AM   #5
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Consider Sony DSC-H1 also. Here is one pic taken with this camera using sports mode.

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Old Feb 13, 2006, 7:23 AM   #6
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I would say that both the S2 and H1 are good cameras, you just have to weigh up which of the extra bells and whistles you need it for. You can't go wrong with either

H1 - a tad bit better ISO performance, bigger LCD, less batteries, ergonomics
S2 - great movie mode, better burst mode,faster shutter speed,swivel LCD, manual flash (i prefer this to an automatic pop up flash), you can take more shots, ergonomics

Although sometimes I do get very envious of the H1 people, and in some ways I wish I could have one to play around with as well,especially because they rave on about how good the H1 is and all I seem to hear are people complaining about the S2 however unjustified it may be. I do begin to understand now why S2 people jump to the defense of their camera every timebad comments are made about the S2though...it keeps getting bashed unfortunately, and as you know, its human nature that bad events create a bigger impression than good. This unfortunately, tarnishes what is otherwise a good camera...like the lotus flower that blooms from the mud and silt pond.

Nevertheless, imho, the S2 for me, performs absolutely wellto my expectations and I am more than happy with it. No regrets

Well anyway, I have finally been able to upload pictures taken at different situations with the S2. I am sure you will find many pictures of the H1 in the sony forum too (I frequently visit sony forum, keep an open mind about these things), and you can judge for yourself.


These are night time party shots, most of them with flash and ISO100


Indoor museum pictures. It seemsI use my camera for more indoor/night shots rather than anything else. Although some attest that I didn't take these pictures handheld


Chinese New Year pictures, lion dancing was difficult to capture, especially since the lion head moved very fast


Some good pictures here, mixture or indoor and outdoor

Will be posting more soon =)
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Old Feb 14, 2006, 10:39 PM   #7
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If you are going to move to a dSLR camera within 12 to 18 months, you might save money by passing up spending almost $400 on a point and shoot ultra zoom, and spending $150 to $200 more now and getting a dSLR camera that would give you all the ultra zoom features, plus a whole lot more. You would have much more photo flexibility, superior photos, and have saved money.

The prices opf dSLR cameras are hovering right around the $500 mark and offer much more bang for the buck. But of course, the choice is totally up to you. This is just the suggestion/experience of somebody who made the mistake of going through theP&S ultra zoom to dSLR progression in 8 months. My indecision, cost me sizable money.

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Old Feb 15, 2006, 1:57 PM   #8
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"I have been able to take great pictures in auto mode with sufficient lighting (sports shots) but if lighting is poor pictures are blurry."

Watch out here, photography is about recording light and if there isnt enough your likely to be screwed no matter what. Unless you have the time, dedication, and funding to go hog wild. At the extreme end people set up strobes in the rafters of a sports arena and use an eight thousand dollar lens... Do some reading before you try to buy your way out of this problem, dim light and moving subjects are difficult. Since your going to have to compromise take into consideration how much improvement you will see in your new compromise vs your old compromise, you could probably still take better advantage of your current cameras.

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Old Feb 16, 2006, 9:12 PM   #9
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Thanks guys/gals:

I am patiently waiting to make a decision - checking for news of new cameras daily. This is my 5th camera in 7years. I guess it is impossible to find 1 camera to meet all of your needs. I'll keep wishin and hopin... Can't wait for the pan fz7 review.
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For low light (inside) and moving targets Fujis would be best one. Image stabilization doesn't help for moving targets because you need faster shutter speed to prevent "motion blur".

And S9000 would be preferable, it has mechanical zoom which is way more faster and accurate than button zoom and that small difference in tele end (300mm vs 380mm) isn't worth of sacrificing wide angle unless you're just taking photos from wild animals/birds and other such things far away.
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