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Hi All

I have been mainly using an EOS 600 SLR with a good selection of lenses for mywork over the last three or four years, then 12 months ago I bought a FujiFilm S3100 and got hooked on it and on digital photography generally.

I am now thinking of changing over almost totally to digi work as the EOS is just gathering dust. What I need is digital camera with all the flexibility and scope of the Canon so I can continue and expand my photographic range. I don't require lenses such as 1000mm telephotos or 20 mm or less: I have them and fish eyes for the EOS and, frankly, they never got used after my first excitement at owning them.

So, if anyone has any advice what I might get - my budget is approx $700 plus whatever I can get for the S3100 (not much). I'd like to stick to Fiji as I am impressed by the S3100 and I am well used to its little quirks. I use my camera for everything from ordinary 'snaps', through to portraiture, wedding photography and sometimes action photography = skiing, motor racing. I am an amateur but, as post graduate student, I try to supplement my income from the sale of images.

Oh one last thing; I need a good and reliable (preferably long) self timer/delayed shutter release. Well, if I am narcissistic, that's my problem!

Thanks for your help in advance,

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You posted this in our Fujifilm Digital SLR Forum

I've now moved it to our What Camera Should I Buy Forum

The current Fuji DSLR models aregoing to be outsideof your desired price range.

The S2 Pro (introduced in 2002) has a street price of around $1,500.00 (body only, no lenses):

Fuji S2 Pro Pricing

The new S3 Pro has a street price of just under $2,300.00 (body only) from some of the reputable dealers.

Fuji S3 Pro Pricing

I'd suggest you ignore the lowest priced vendors, since they are probably "scam artists". I'd also suggest checking out any vendor you consider using http://www.resellerratings.com (avoiding vendors with a small number of customer reviews, sincesome vendors have been guilty of padding their own ratings in the past).

Look at reputable dealers like B&H Photo and Videoto get a better idea of the *real* prices, since you can't *really* buy this model at the advertised price from some of the Brooklyn based Scam Artists (unless you buy lots of overpriced add-on's with it).

You may be able to find a used S1 Pro (older 3 Megapixel Model introduced in 2000) on the used market, if you're set on a Fuji DSLR with a limited budget. Fuji DSLR modelsare based on Nikon bodies and take NikonMount Lenses.

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