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Would like to get some opinions if somebody has similar dream and has done some research for DCs close to the below. I think not too demanding:

1. Compact & Orthogonal (no too odd corners/edges) Design. (I know I am compromising firm-grip for portability). Weight under 200gram incl. battery.

2. Some Manual Controls of Exposure & Focusing - ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed, Sharpness, Saturation, ...WB etc

3. Noise still acceptable at ISO200, or better.

4. Good quality lens e.g. Leica, Zeiss, Schneider ...etc.

5. CCD 5MP or above.

6. Zoom 3x but preferable 4x or above.

7. Movie - optical zoomable during capture, MPEG-4 or better quality/compression.

8. Uses Lithium battery

9. Uses SD card.

10. Pictures NOT OVERCOMPRESSED - 5MP should be average 1.5MB or above (from my experience).

I've got Kodak V550 already. I think it misses 2, 10, and partially 6.

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Sony DSC-W5 although it misses 8 & 9.
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Yes, thanks for reminder. I was just seriously looking into DSC-W7 (I think an upgrade of W5).

Does it also take mpeg-4 movie and video zoomable?

Somebodies are convincing me that 2 x AA NiMH in fact performs better than Lithium. But I am concerned about the weight ([email protected] vs Lithium 3.7V 720mAh @ 15gram), and the battery life (environment-friendly). And that MSPro is no longer far too expensive compared with SD. But I have had a bunch of gadgets using SD already. Switching to MSPro is costly and troublesome for me.

Just for my curiousity regarding this 2 issues:
a. Any AA-sized Lithium?
b. Any SD to MS adapters?

Picture quality of DSC-W7 is quite good - accurate colors and sharp. I read some sample pics & a review of it against Casio z750. It's just superior to z750 (except for weight) which had all it's deficiencies e.g. Aritificially Sharpen, Too Saturated Colors, Purple Fringe, Barrel Distortion ...etc exposed in the review.

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Old Aug 2, 2005, 12:19 PM   #4
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Creating my list:

1. Sony DSC-W7
- but Memory Stick and AA battery
- good Zeiss lens & sample pics

2. Panasonic LX-1 (not yet released)
- but odd 16:9 ratio, and slightly heavier at 220g.
- sounds good Leica lens
- 4x zoom and wide-angle

3. Pentax SV or SVi (mixed feel)
- noisy and shutter lag by many reviews, and reliability of CCD
- bad movie - m-jpeg and only 320x240.
- 5x zoom
- light weight ~ 160g
- full of manual controls
(not sure if SVi is great improvement over SV)

4. ???
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Check here for info on the new P880. It'll have everything you want and more.


Or if you want 12X zoom and IS with all the features you are looking for look here at the new P850.



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