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Ditto - what they said.

K100D + kit lens + 55-200 if you can.
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Thanks for all your help.

Now I have to figure out where to get it....

I'm not a US resident, so the rebates won't be so good for me. Unless...well I have three or four options:

1) Get it in germany, pay no tax or customs or shipping but pay 200$ more than in north american

2) Get it in the states, and try to get a military friend to send it to one of her friends stationed here, pay state taxes, but no customs and only local shipping and get friend to use the rebates - but she is not computer savvy, has no paypal account so a big pain in the ass for transferring money....

3) Get it from Henrys in Canada, pay PST&GST and have a friend bring it over when she comes for Christmas - may not get to my friend in time in Toronto for her flight to here...

4) Get Henrys to Ship it here, pay PST&GST and 85$ shipping....

Argh. I guess i better get out the calculator and figure this out.

When I get it, and after I read the manual, books, and play a bit, I will for sure be coming back here to get some shooting tips (although by looking at the pic forums, I'm probably out of my league - for a while!).

What i was wondering though was - how you develop your 'eye' for critiquing photos - when i look through the photos, I can see for myself if it 'wows' me or not or if its just simply a 'nice' photo but nothing outstanding. Any book recommendation for just photography in general (i.e. not camera specific) - just books with pictures and saying what could be improved, etc? i saw the recommendation for 'understanding exposure' so I'm wondering if that would fit that realm.

BTW: Update on the Olympus - I actually put a white address sticker over the flash yesterday and got a 'not bad' exposure :lol: - still waiting to get a moment to make a post in the olympus forum.

Thanks alot everyone!
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edited - had a really stupid question and got my own answer :roll:
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