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The-Undecided Oct 19, 2010 5:00 PM

My first DSLR
So today is my birthday! (yay me!) and i decided to get a digital slr camera because i will be going to college next year and will be taking some photography classes.

I don't know much about cameras but the one i am leaning towards is this one.
The retail here in the United States is about $699.99.

My price range is about $700 but if there is a better camera for not too much more i will consider it.

So i ask you guys/girls what camera should i buy?
it can be any company and around the $400-$700 price range and must be a digital slr camera because they look cool. =)


shoturtle Oct 19, 2010 5:20 PM

It is a good camera, but the d3100 can not use all the nikon lenses. Especially the low price prime lenses that helps out in low light shooting. As they do not put an auto focus motor in the body, so all the low price prime lenses will not auto focus.

But net to that, it has very good stats, and the images look good.

Other options you may want to look at is the canon T1i and T2i and the pentax k-x and k-r. Theses system will work with all the lenses that were design for them, and canon has the most lenses to choose form on the market.

So buying a brand is just not about the camera, but the system you are getting into. And will it grow with you in the areas you have interest in photographing.

So there is the question that I like to ask, what do you like to shoot, and what type of photography are you interested in. That will help narrow down the proper system for you.

And Happy Birthday.

The-Undecided Oct 19, 2010 5:46 PM

yea i heard about the whole thing with the lens, motor and auto focusing problem, but it doesn't really create a barrier for me because i have no lens and i don't plan on buying any for a while. But when the time comes i will be open to spend a bit extra for the lens.

I was looking at the T1i but i believe it was released last year and i have this thing where i can't buy old products even if they're relatively new. ( so pretty much any product released in 2009 or before is a no... hahaha yea i know im weird)

I also took a look at the T2i but noticed the price was a bit out of my range as i told my parents i would be getting a camera around $750.

As for shooting goes i will most likely be shooting bmx / skateboarding and the occasional shot of New Yorks skyline. I will probably also be shooting buildings and people at gatherings or just when i'm with my friends.

Edit: oh and thanks!

shoturtle Oct 19, 2010 5:56 PM

well the canon AF system would be better for you bmx and skate shooting. And down the line the canon does have very good action lenses, form moderate to very high price. The d3100 is the same AF as the d5000 which is not as good as the canon when shoot action.

The k-r is a good camera also, but it may not allow growth as shooting action is something you will want. As they do not have many lenses like the d3100 to use for action.

The motor thing becomes an issue if you shoot low light action like skate at night, there is no 85mm lens or 100mm lens that is f2 or wider that will work with the nikon. So the will limit you to really expensive f2.8 lenses for low light action.

Lilacfire Oct 19, 2010 5:59 PM

Not that I am any expert but the K-X from pentax is worth a look and you can get 2 good lenses for the same money as the nikon.

The-Undecided Oct 19, 2010 6:14 PM

yeah you're right.. might want to shoot at night.. so i should try looking at the cannon t1i then?
because i do not want to buy the f2 lens... super expensive like you mentioned and for the k-r pentax that was mentioned, i never really heard of them and probably won't buy one because i want one of the cool brands that everyone knows.. haha

edit: i just finished looking at some lens and for the most part they are all expensive so i don't think even if i got another camera and wanted to shoot better night images i would spit out another $500+ or w.e. they go for. this is all so overwhelming =/

shoturtle Oct 19, 2010 6:21 PM

Yeah the t1i is a good option for shooting skate at night. The lens that you would want to consider down the line for the that is the canon ef 85mm f1.8, it focus very fast, and at f1.8 it is a very large aperture. So with some good street lighting at a skate park you should get some decent shots at high iso at night.

Lower the f number the bigger the aperture, so the better it is for low light shooting.

Pentax has been around for a very long time, longer the canon or nikon. They are just a smaller company but do make some very good products. And the advance side, their might have the best image quality camera with the aps-c size sensor on the market with the k-5, but sports shooting canon and nikon are better with the high end action lenses.

The-Undecided Oct 19, 2010 6:31 PM

hmmm. right now I'm comparing the t1i and the nikon d3100 but with the whole lens thing i don't think ill be able to buy them because i'm going to need to buy books for classes and then i have to get a new alienware for school.

But it is a good thing to consider for the future in-case i get really into the whole photography culture. I will keep an open mind when purchasing the camera. thanks =0

shoturtle Oct 19, 2010 6:38 PM

you want to learn youtube is a great place with tones of video workshop, also try

The-Undecided Oct 27, 2010 12:14 AM

oh yea and one more thing i want to do is be able to take multiple shots with different exposures so i can make hdr photos. i can do it with this camera right?

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