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I have posted here a few times (as have others) about my indecision in buying a Canon XSI or a Nikon D90.

To be honest I'm leaning toward the D90. I guess my first question is do you believe the price difference is justified? The D90 kit is 500 big ones more than the xsi kit. Is it really that much more of a camera?

Second question is about lenses. Doing research I have heard more than once that the glass is what makes the shot. How do the two kit lenses on each model compare? To be honest I like the nikon 18-200 vr lens but I really don't want to spend the $1600 (D90 body plus 18-200 lens). I could probably dish out some cash for a better canon lens as the body is cheaper. Honestly, at least to start, I am looking for one decent lens to do it all. As I progress I will get more lenses. Do either one of the kit lens fall into that catagory?

Finally, take into consderation that this is my first dslr. However, I do want to keep it for awhile. I recently talked (over the phone) to a sales rep that tried to talk me into the Canon because he thought the D90 was to advanced for someone's first dslr. ANy truth there?

I will be using the camera for photos to go with travel articles. I also would like to use it for microstock photography. Again I would like to thank everyone on the forum for your help and suggestions.
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Is the price difference justified? That depends entirely on the marginal utility of your dollar. No one can answer that question. The D90 is further up the food chain. Image quality is about equal, but the D90 is a nicer camera.

The kit lens from the D90 gets very nice reviews and has a much bigger zoom range. Definite advantage to the D90, especially if you want just one lens to start with.


Too much camera for a beginner? Tosh. The basics of exposure can be taught in an hour to most people. All your cameras features are explained in the manual. With 5-10 hours of experimentation and concentration you will understand your camera.

It is impossible to teach what makes a great photograph; some people learn it quickly and others cannot do it after years of effort. Usually inability to take a good picture is blamed on equipment, not complex enough, too complex, etc. This is rubbish.

The D90 is a very nice camera: just buy it already.

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First, the major difference in features between the XSi and the D90 is that the D90 can record video. Do you see much demand for that?

Second, there is no"one decent lens to do it all".'Super Zoom' lenses are typically soft throughout their ranges, have significant optical distortion at the wide end and significant chromatic aberration at the long end. The Nikon 18-200 VR is better than most, but multiple lenses with less ambitious zoom ranges will give better image quality and cost less.
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