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stuart5936 Aug 27, 2009 11:08 AM

My options
I own a A720 (a fabulous camera), and would like to upgrade to anouther camera with the same specs, but upgraded. I suffer with a trembling right hand, and must have a viewfinder at times, and there is my problem. I do not want a DSLR, because I can't handel it. It seems my only option is the new G11.

I looked up imag quality on Imag resource, and it seems that the A720 images look better than the G10. I don't imagin the IQ on the G11 would be that much better?

I did purchase a Pani ZS3, that had great IQ, but could not handel it all of the time. When I had the shakes, I really needed a viewfinder. I sent it back reluctantly.

Are there any other options than the G11? Thanks for your adbvice

mtclimber Aug 27, 2009 10:08 PM


I certainly can relate to your situation. You see, my husband is a severely disabled person, as well. Unfortunately, the Canon A-720 was an unusually good Canon camera. Canon has not offered a replacement for the A-720 in the last 18 months.

Yes, we can indeed look to the S-series Canon cameras that have had a 4 year time out, before re-appearing in the Canon line-up once again in 2009.

Perhaps, Canon will once again place some emphasis on the A-series, and we will see a replacement for the A-720 camera.

Sarah Joyce

Tullio Aug 28, 2009 11:19 AM

My question is, why do you wish to upgrade? What is it that your A720 lacks, which is making you feel you need to upgrade? I think the answer should determine 1) whether or not you really have to upgrade and 2) in case of a yes, what model you should upgrade to. As you could already tell, very few models these days offer some sort of viewfinder. The reason is because most people prefer to look use the LCD to compose their shots. As a result, the LCDs are getting bigger and clearer and the VF are pretty much gone. Now, some models still offer an OVF, which I find most useless. They are simply a tunnel and what you see is not what you get. However, for some people (and you may very well be in this category), it's still better than not having one. Usually, the bigger models (super zoom) come with an EVF. Unless size is also an issue, I'd consider that route (if you really need to upgrade).

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